Armature Digital Chain (Zhejiang)

Armature Digital Chain (Zhejiang)


Focus on promoting the construction of the provincial big data platform for the integration of industry, investment and finance, and realizing the connection to government public data sources and social data sources.

The technical capabilities of blockchain and big data are integrated and innovated in the financial field to solve the core problems of data confirmation. First, the availability of data confirmation is solved through the comprehensive design of big data platform; second, the integrity of data is protected by digital watermarking technology; third, data confidentiality is guaranteed through homomorphic authenticator to ensure the privacy of all parties of data; fourth, based on the tamper-proofness and multi-party consensus of Tianshu Chain and BLS ring signature to complete the data transaction record on the chain and data security audit. It forms a credible and secure computing capability and data analysis and decision-making capability, and uses the joint modeling platform of big data to discover data value and promote data circulation.

Based on the platform design idea, the common functions are componentized and shared and opened out, for example, Tianshu Chain is a common component extracted based on the mature application cases of blockchain, which not only has complete functions, excellent performance and convenient application, but also realizes the gathering chain into a network in terms of compatibility and expandability, and supports credible interoperability with the current mainstream blockchain system. It provides the development framework of "ZheTianGong" to build big data application quickly, including big data interface set, blockchain interface set, development framework and low code platform.