Zhejiang Digital Qin Technology Co.

Zhejiang Digital Qin Technology Co.


"With the hybrid cloud + hybrid chain technology system - blockchain middle platform "Tritium Platform" as the underlying blockchain infrastructure, Digital Qin Technology has released "" The "Tritium Platform" is a hybrid cloud+hybrid chain technology system, and has released "" Blockchain application for healthcare.

Entity: Simplechain Arithmetic Server, the underlying arithmetic node server of the "Tritium Platform".

Video, exhibition stand: its preservation network to provide one-stop data rights and interests solutions, is the first blockchain electronic depository case of the country's exclusive technical support party; relying on the technology of the number of financial platform of Zhejiang Province, providing more than a million small and medium-sized enterprises with ""no contact finance"" "To help upgrade the agricultural industry and revitalize the countryside, the team has created a "sky-land integration" smart agriculture system; together with Run Run Shaw Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, we have created the first blockchain application for electronic medical records and scientific research data in China. "