Shanghai Ibena Textiles Co.

Shanghai Ibena Textiles Co.

Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of IBNER, a German textile group founded in 1826, whose products are involved in different fields such as protective technology and fashion home textiles and occupy a leading position in the international textile industry.

As the earliest German textile enterprise settled in China (1994), Shanghai Ibena adheres to the German parent company's philosophy of strict management, technological innovation and quality assurance, always pays attention to the latest development of the international textile industry, and gains the trust and cooperation of international high-tech protective raw material suppliers. We provide protective fabrics with international advanced level for our military, police, fire fighting, industrial and other special industries.

At the same time, our products such as steamed tweed for industrial use, high-grade car interior fabrics and home textiles with German style are widely praised by the market.

Thanks to its established reputation in the international technical textile field and its product development capabilities, Shanghai Ibena is the only partner of DuPont Aramid (Nomex and Kevlar) in China for the fire protection industry, the only certified fabric manufacturer of PBI in China and a partner of LENZING in Austria. The first-class raw material supply ensures the advanced and reliable of our products.


The outer layer of firefighters' protective clothing uses two different fiber materials woven into a double-layer fabric, of which the surface layer uses Nomex, a high-performance flame retardant fiber material, Nomex fibers are easy to shrink when exposed to fire or high temperature, and carbonize and expand at a high temperature of 400°C, so it has excellent thermal (flame) protection (shielding) performance. Kevlar fiber not only has very high strength, but also has excellent heat resistance. Kevlar hardly shrinks or shrinks less in case of flame or high temperature, at this time, in the process of encountering flame or heat hazard, the outer layer of Nomex bulges to form an air insulation layer, which increases the heat insulation performance of the fabric, at this time, using this intelligent The outer layer can reduce one layer of heat insulation layer to achieve the purpose of reducing the layer and weight.

The technical effect formed by this fabric is that the three-layer structure firefighters' firefighting protective clothing fully meets GA10-2014 "Firefighters' Firefighting Protective Clothing" in terms of indicators such as strong flame retardant outer layer, and the overall thermal protection performance TPP and other indicators are the same as the original four-layer structure firefighters' firefighting protective clothing. The technical indicators fully meet the requirements of GA10-2014 for firefighters' firefighting protective clothing. This combination of firefighting protective clothing has certain improvement in protective performance than the original combination, and almost the same as the original clothing in economic indicators, which also increases the feasibility of this combination of clothing equipment.