Shanghai Koki Electronic Materials Co.

Shanghai Koki Electronic Materials Co.

Shanghai Koki Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is the second factory established in 2002 by International Laminates Co. Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer of copper clad products, producing various grades of FR-4CEM-3 and black substrates, etc. Our products are well known in the industry. Our company has several production lines of FR-4 laminates in the world, as well as a full set of product testing equipment. We are the first in the industry to adopt the vacuum pressing process, which has led to a fundamental improvement in the inherent quality and reliability of our products.

Our company has developed a unique production technology and mature manufacturing process as well as a set of management system to control raw materials, production, process and quality during our long-term production and operation practice, thus ensuring the high level and stability of our product quality. Our company is a member of IPC Association and CPCA Association, and our products are strictly manufactured and inspected according to IPC standards.


This project successfully developed a CEM-3 copper-clad sheet with high thermal conductivity and heat resistance and good processing performance through the efficient compounding of epoxy resin and thermally conductive filler. The product is prepared by adding a large amount of micron-level thermally conductive filler to the epoxy resin, using the high thermal conductivity epoxy resin as the base, compounding with thermally conductive inorganic particles to prepare the glue, and pressing and molding by adjusting the pressing method.

The curing agent in the composite resin layer is bisphenol A phenolic resin, which improves the cross-linking density during curing and can make the produced board have excellent heat resistance at the same time, further improving the board Tg value. After hot pressing, the CEM-3 sheet has high thermal conductivity, with a thermal conductivity of 1.0W/M.K or more, which can be a good solution to the rapid heat dissipation of electronic components such as LED lighting; at the same time, it has excellent heat resistance.