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Hollyson Coatings (Shanghai) Co.

Since its establishment in 2003, our company has been engaged in the development and production of water-based industrial coatings, and its related technology has applied for more than forty invention patents, of which about 80% has been successfully transformed and achieved mass production. There is a technical R&D center under the company, with more than 1500 square meters of international standard water-based industrial coating laboratory and 71 technical R&D staff, equipped with six resin R&D laboratories, four emulsion color paste application technology centers, two testing laboratories, three coating R&D laboratories and several other spraying and coating laboratories, each laboratory is equipped with precise test and analysis instruments and testing equipment. It can meet the experiments of coating ED mechanical, microbial data, corrosion resistance, QUV accelerated aging and so on. In addition, the company also has independent resin and coating production workshops, which can meet the requirements of product pilot and mass production. The company is one of the "Specialized, Special and New" SMEs in Shanghai, a Small Giant Enterprise in Jiading District, an Enterprise Technology Center in Jiading District, an Engineering Technology Research Center in Jiading District, a Small Giant Cultivation Enterprise in Shanghai Science and Technology, and a Pilot Enterprise in Shanghai Patent Work.


I. Project description.

The current annual output of the world container exceeds 3.5 million TEUs, requiring about 400,000 tons of paint per year, worth about 6 billion yuan. Bringing construction machinery, transportation equipment and other industries to take a big step forward to environmental protection coating. With the rapid growth of paint production and output value, the paint industry is facing huge challenges. In recent years, the paint industry is not only increasingly competitive, but also subject to numerous impacts from environmental protection inspections. The development of the paint industry is moving towards a green and environmentally friendly road. Although the water-based container coating has reduced the problem of VOC emission, it still brings some other negative effects of safe production, environmental protection and occupational health. This project addresses the shortcomings of the existing technology, develops a nano-aesthetic OCS water-based coating, and completes the first fully automated one-layer coating service system for the container industry in China.

II. Project innovations.

(1) Its film-forming material is a new type of special material with alicyclic enaminurea structure, which is a high-performance controlled polymerization surface treatment nanomaterial. Its own structure has multifunctionality, high gel content after cross-linking and curing, hydrophobic and wear-resistant, and self-healing properties.

(2) Using the special structure of alicyclic allylurea while designing different gel curing time, it can adapt to different coating methods, which can achieve ultra-low VOC or even "zero" VOC in the coating process, self-drying and curing at room temperature without baking, completely saving the high energy consumption of oil-based or water-based paints and the after-treatment of fumes after baking.

3) The use of nano-conductive materials to further improve the anti-corrosion properties of the coating, to achieve the combination of the coating shielding effect, corrosion inhibition effect and electrochemical effect. The introduction of special conductive polymer materials in the main cross-linked components, when water and ions just through the coating and contact with the iron substrate, the energetic effect is initiated, which is triggered on the surface of the iron and make the iron to obtain electrochemical activity, partial oxidation of iron occurs, the generation of electrons. These electrons from the anodic part of the reaction (i.e. iron oxidation) generated by the special conductive polymer transport, making a large number of cathodic reaction, space to block the anodic and cathodic part of the reaction, improve the coating corrosion protection, greatly improve the anti-corrosion performance and chemical resistance and improve the durability of long-term use, with self-cleaning effect, can maintain a clean appearance for a long time.

(4) The product adopts a new layer of coating technology, changing the traditional container water-based coating construction process, a layer of coating inside and outside the box instead of the current two coatings inside the box, three coatings outside the box, room temperature self-drying, coating solvent-free, saving a lot of energy and manpower, energy saving and environmental protection, its construction convenience, very obviously better than water-based coatings and ordinary solvent-based coatings.

5) Applicable to metal workpieces, final coating, gloss ≥ 85°, hardness up to 3H, adhesion grade 0, water resistance ≥ 500h, acid resistance ≥ 120h, very excellent weathering performance, by 2000 hours QUV aging test, light loss rate ≤ 10%, ΔE ≤ 1.0, and excellent salt spray resistance ≥ 1200H.

III. Project product advantageous features.

(1) Excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance: excellent flexibility and impact resistance in line with the development needs of the container in the process of use because of the external force that can easily lead to defects in the coating.

(2) light and color preservation, self-cleaning effect: the automotive coating manufacturing technology applied to the container industry, the use of the coating surface can achieve self-cleaning effect, with better anti-pollution data, the use of this process of painting the container in the actual various types of complex transport process will remain more clean appearance effect.

(3) convenient construction: single-layer spraying, reduce the coating with the construction of multi-coat spraying problems, A, B components are transported separately, to avoid mixing the paint more than the applicable period of waste, no baking, room temperature since the drying curing, saving a lot of energy consumed by curing, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers or reduce a large number of construction operators, production tempo can be achieved wet touch wet operation, adapt to all kinds of production line beat. The production rhythm can be achieved by wet touching wet operation, which is suitable for all kinds of production lines.

(4) Environmental advantages: low exhaust gas, bottom waste water, bottom waste residue, bottom energy consumption.

5) Combined costs.

a. Spraying line construction cost, spraying main line only need a coating package for one coating, no baking room is needed.
b. Environmental protection costs, especially energy costs, are much lower than other types of coatings, and there are advantages in waste gas, residue and wastewater treatment costs.
c. Labor costs, as long as a layer of painting, can significantly reduce the number of spraying workers, saving about 60% of paint construction operators.

(6) The project has applied for a patent for the invention, the patent application number is zl 201811010599.1. The science and technology search report issued by Shanghai Science and Technology Research and Consulting Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that "the comprehensive technology of the project has reached the international advanced level".

IV. Economic benefits.

Thanks to the "Nano Aesthetics OCS Water-based Coating Creative R&D and Demonstration Application" project, Hollyson and the world's largest container manufacturer - CIMC Container Holdings Limited, reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop "safe, green, intelligent, environmentally friendly The new coating solution for containers is "safe, green, intelligent and environmental friendly". Participate in the global container, transportation and logistics industry exchange event - "2019-Intermodal Asia", to give a forum speech "Alternative to traditional water-based container paint - OCS coating", through the platform of the industry conference, to increase the awareness and recognition among the target audience. recognition and recognition; cooperate with CIMC to paint containers with OCS paint and demonstrate 20GP standard containers at the exhibition site; promote OCS products or conduct physical survey to container inspection units and container owners visiting the exhibition. The development and production of new products brought new growth points, and the economic benefits driven by the execution of this project were remarkable. from January 2020 to July 2020, the new output value was 22.2630 million yuan and profit was 261.59 million yuan. in 2021, the annual project is expected to add 80 million yuan of output value and 16 million yuan of profit, and the profit margin will be steadily increased.

V. Social benefits.

a. The development and demonstration application of this project product, effectively solve the existing concentration box industry paint paint slag and wastewater treatment more difficult, constructability is more difficult, energy consumption, lack of performance and other problems, the container on the paint weatherability, wear resistance and other requirements, the container industry water-based paint promotion has been relatively slow, Haulison nano aesthetics OCS research and development promotion, solve the container industry problems, with the container With the introduction of VOC emission regulations, the industry promotion of nano-aesthetic OCS coatings is promoted. At the same time, HOLISEN improves the construction process to increase the gloss saturation of the concentration box, making the container more beautiful.

b. The development and demonstration application of the products of this project strengthens the progress of the research and development of such products in China, responds to the national trend requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, has a huge market potential, fills the gaps of similar products in China, and is gradually promoted internationally.

c.Hollyson Nano Aesthetics OCS coating currently motor vehicle coating line, as well as building materials, home appliances, hardware and other industries have some demand, the annual demand is expected to exceed one million tons. Such as large-scale production and use can drive the development of the national economy, can drive the development of surface coating raw materials and promote the technical improvement of related hardware industry, increase jobs and promote employment. Solve the traditional three coating and three drying coating energy consumption, not energy saving and environmental protection problems, so that the domestic home appliances, hardware, building materials and other industries can say goodbye to the traditional three coating and three drying process, increase the utilization rate of paint and energy saving and emission reduction, the use of more energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, but also reduce the cost of products in related industries, drive the rapid development of these industries and expand their share in the international market.

d. Nano Aesthetics OCS coating, which does not contain heavy metals, can replace the solvent-based paint in the market now, reduce the emission of solvents and protect the environment. It can be widely used in container, petrochemical, hardware, metallurgy, railway locomotive, ship and other fields, energy-saving and environmental protection, easy to operate, and achieve good economic and social benefits.

e. This project has completely independent intellectual property rights, and will continue to innovate in the future development, accumulate valuable experience and confidence to enhance independent innovation capability, build HOLISEN's own brand, and contribute to the promotion of "Shanghai Brand".

f. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the increasingly strict environmental protection regulations, green environmental protection coatings will become the protagonist of the 21st century world coatings market. Nano One-coating system can replace the traditional similar paints and can be widely used in container, petrochemical, hardware, metallurgy, railway locomotive, ship, etc.