Large Enterprise Recruitment | Open Innovation, Demand First!

Large Enterprise Recruitment | Open Innovation, Demand First!

As an important part of the Pujiang Innovation Forum, the 2022 Global Technology Transfer Conference (INNOMATCH EXPO), with the theme of "Ten Thousand 'Elephant' Needs, Global Reveal - Building a New Green Future", takes the pain points and needs of science and technology enterprises as its clues, and takes the provision of more efficient and convenient technology transfer services as its guide. As the first science and technology exhibition with the theme of "innovation and demand" in China, 2022, we will pry the world with demand, create green with action, and help "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" with the power of science and technology. "We will interpret green and low-carbon from the transfer of scientific and technological achievements.

As expected, wonderful "spin" non-stop

2022 Global Technology Transfer Conference

"500+ friends continue to expand the circle of industry friends
👉 A number of industry leaders such as Baowu Group, AstraZeneca, China Construction Eight, China Resources Group, Sony, etc. gather to release innovation demand.

👉 Professionalized technology transfer service providers join to help create a resource circulation distribution center.


01  30+ selected events to create a global technology cooperation "meeting room"

👉 The third World Technology Managers Summit, from the career, from the role of positioning, good science and technology services to help green transformation.👉 The China Innovation Challenge and the Torch Science and Technology Achievement Direct are working in both directions to promote technology supply and demand matching.👉 China-Japan Business Innovation Conference, opening up international exchanges, drawing on the world's energy and creating more miracles with cooperation.👉 The first MBA/MPA practical training in the direction of technology transfer, excellent technology managers sharing and technology transfer open class, people-oriented and talent-oriented, for the first time, talent training is included in the important planning of the conference, helping to improve the industrial capability of global technology managers.

02  3D intelligent cloud exhibition hall, digital technology writing new business card

👉 Online social networking, virtual customer service, intelligent museum construction, digital technology allows unlimited extension of the booth without physical exhibits.👉 Global supply and demand docking platform, "3+365" never ending to promote docking.👉 It is expected that 500 enterprises and institutions will be stationed there, and 100 great experts will discuss the future of science and innovation. 

03 3D cloud exhibition, "move" to see

2022 Global Technology Transfer Conference



-3D cloud exhibition effect-

 -Large Enterprise Cloud Pavilion-

Big companies exhibiting, lots of benefits

2022 Global Technology Transfer Conference

👉 Inclusion in the 3D Smart Cloud Pavilion, interoperable with the InnoMatch global supply and demand matching platform, enabling the sharing of millions of data.
👉 The ability to post results or needs on the InnoMatch global supply and demand matching platform and view the matching process in real time.
👉 Full media coverage and exclusive interviews to enhance brand exposure, expand corporate influence and expand business channels.
👉 Be a special guest of the special section of "Nth Dimension of Parallel Future" of Pujiang Innovation Forum - "INNO has something to say" to share the cutting-edge information of the industry.
👉 Attend the innovation development forum of large enterprises, join the innovation alliance of large enterprises, and discuss with more large enterprises about innovation and industrial development ecology.

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