Green Steel Takes on a Mission, Strives for a New Low Carbon Track - 2022 Carbon Neutral Innovation Development Forum Held Successfully

Green Steel Takes on a Mission, Strives for a New Low Carbon Track - 2022 Carbon Neutral Innovation Development Forum Held Successfully

In the afternoon of August 30, the "Pujiang Innovation Forum" Global Technology Transfer Conference - 2022 Carbon Neutral Innovation Development Forum, co-organized by Baowu Carbon Neutral Office, Global Low Carbon Metallurgy Innovation Alliance and Baodi Assets, was held in Shanghai Exhibition Center. Baowu's active exploration and unremitting efforts in carbon neutrality and green development have aroused great attention and recognition from the participating experts and the society.
Established in 2008, the "Pujiang Innovation Forum" is a high-level international forum co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. The Global Technology Transfer Conference is an important part of the "Pujiang Innovation Forum" and the first technology-oriented exhibition in China that is oriented to "innovation demand". This year, with the theme of "Ten Thousand 'Elephant' Demands, Global Reveal - Building a New Green Future", the conference attracts global innovation resources and innovation think tanks to gather in Shanghai, showcases Chinese enterprises' innovation demands, and matches with global elites from various industries. The theme of the event is to attract global innovation resources and innovation think tanks to gather in Shanghai, to showcase the innovation needs of Chinese enterprises, to match with global elites from various industries, and to create a global innovation demand integration place. This is an important initiative of Shanghai to actively implement the strategic plan of the Party Central Committee. In order to actively respond to and support the national carbon neutral strategy, practice the green development concept, build ecological civilization responsibility and commitment, help Baowu achieve its carbon emission reduction target, and promote the construction of carbon neutral industrial park, the 2022 Carbon Neutral Innovation Development Forum was co-organized by Baowu Carbon Neutral Office, Global Low Carbon Metallurgical Innovation Alliance and Baodi Asset, and co-hosted by Baodi Innovation Center and Shanghai Metals Society.At the meeting, Baowu systematically introduced the exploration and practice made in recent years in the work of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Through strategic upgrading, Baowu has set a new benchmark for industry development, and has put the goal of carbon compliance and carbon neutrality through the whole process of green and low-carbon transformation and development, striving to be the first to achieve carbon compliance by 2023. Baowu firmly follows the high quality development path of ecological priority and green low-carbon, promotes forward-looking low-carbon technology innovation with green manufacturing, supports the development of green ecosystem with green products, and helps the development of low-carbon society with green industry. As always, Baowu will be a good explorer of transformation and upgrading, a leader of low-carbon innovation, a practitioner of cooperation and sharing, and a contributor to global development, and together with its world steel counterparts, contribute to low-carbon steel and iron, beautiful China and harmonious world.

In his speech, the leader of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission said that many enterprises, including Baowu, have spontaneously taken science and technology innovation as the fundamental path of green and low-carbon transformation. 2021, Baowu took the lead in releasing a low-carbon metallurgical roadmap, proposing the goal of achieving peak carbon by 2023 and carbon neutrality by 2050, which not only shows Baowu's exploration and practice in the field of low-carbon metallurgical innovation, but also fully demonstrates Baowu's heart The mission and responsibility of Baowu as a "great nation". The "Shanghai Science and Technology Support for Carbon Neutral Implementation Plan" has made industrial low-carbon and zero-carbon process reengineering one of the ten major actions, focusing on the green and low-carbon development needs of key industrial sectors such as steel and chemical industry, with the core of raw material fuel substitution, short process manufacturing and low-carbon technology integration and coupling optimization, and encouraging the strengthening of key technology research and development for high-quality industrial product production and circular economy. We will also fully support and serve Baowu's dual carbon technology innovation work.

At the meeting, experts from Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology and Green Building Institute of China Construction Shanghai Design Institute delivered keynote speeches on "Science and Technology to Support Shanghai's Carbon Summit Carbon Neutrality" and "Analysis of Building Carbon Emission Accounting and Carbon Reduction Strategies". Baowu Central Research Institute and Baodi Assets made a keynote release on "Better Steel, Better Buildings" and "Thinking about the Construction of Baowu (Shanghai) Carbon Neutral Industrial Park" respectively. In the roundtable forum that followed, Baodi Assets, Academia Sinica, experts from China and high-tech enterprises had an in-depth discussion on the prospect of the construction and development of carbon neutral industrial parks and other topics.

At the Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference in June this year, Baowu focused on releasing the investment promotion programs of the four "new tracks" of meta-universe, green low-carbon, intelligent terminal and digital economy, and at the same time launched the third batch of 13 special industrial parks, including Baowu (Shanghai) Carbon Neutral Industrial Park. In this forum, Baowu released its in-depth thinking on the construction of carbon neutral industrial park, and the guests were very concerned about it, and they expressed their views on the prospect and direction of the construction of carbon neutral park, as well as industrial incubation, ecosystem construction and supply chain cooperation.

Source: China Baowu