Inno Events丨The next person who is said to be earning 10,000 a day has signed up for InnoMatch Chief Experience Officer!

Inno Events丨The next person who is said to be earning 10,000 a day has signed up for InnoMatch Chief Experience Officer!

Hi, InnoMatch Chief Experience Officer Candidate: Hello.We are InnoMatch, a global technology supply and demand matching platform. InnoMatch uses digital technology to create an innovation ecosystem that matches technology, talent, services and capital, strengthening industry demand orientation and market orientation to improve the efficiency of supply and demand matching.

01 Massive supply and demand resource base, intelligent matching ●●

Platform Sharing40+Domestic and overseas technology transfer sub-centers, Yangtze River Delta260+Service Organizations, Overseas200+Technology transfer channels, with tens of thousands of high-quality technology achievements and investment projects; large database precision calculation, second-level screening and recommendation of suitable information, accurate docking.

02 Industry community resources to build a network of contacts ●●

The platform features9 major industry communitiesIn order to realize the gathering of human resources and promote the cooperation between industry, academia and research, talents from universities, research institutes, large enterprises, innovation parks and other vertical fields socialize efficiently in the community community, expand their networks, share channel resources and realize efficient resource allocation.

03  Intelligent tools to assist and improve efficiency for docking ●●

supported by the underlying databaseScience and Technology Enterprise Rating SystemAt the same time, the platform is connected with the business registration information of enterprises, so that you can easily understand the cooperation objects; PC + Mobile dual scenarios, online docking communication assistance; station letter, mailbox, virtual phone and other ways to quickly dock anytime, anywhere; business card system helps you understand the key information in 1 minute and create a personal relationship network.

In order to optimize InnoMatch platform operation process, develop new platform features, and improve the value of each user's use of the platform in different usage scenarios, InnoMatch is now recruiting Chief Experience Officers for the platform.

You, the next pioneer of the innovation ecology.

⏩ Small, medium and micro technology business owners, technology leaders, etc.

Have the technology in hand but don't know where to market it? What to do? Go to InnoMatch, find market, find investment, find opportunity, fast intelligent matching!

⏩ Open innovation, investment sector, etc. for medium and large companies

Insufficient internal innovation drivers and difficulty in accessing external resources. What to do? Go to InnoMatch, massive resources quality technology projects quickly access, network channels quickly expand, more accurate understanding of the opponent!

⏩ Head of industrial park, project manager, etc.

Merchants are blocked, channels are hard to find, and policies are unclear. What to do? On InnoMatch, industry community, channel widening, resonance, policy interpretation, one click to help you!

⏩ Regional government STI departments, etc.

How to create a marketplace for innovative services when resourceful policies benefit? What to do? Go to InnoMatch, the platform's own expert talent pool, service provider cluster collaboration, government, industry, academia, research and capital multi-stakeholder, find what you want!

⏩ Experts, teachers, researchers, etc. from universities and research institutes

The results are of high quality but difficult to translate. What to do? Go to InnoMatch, omnichannel coverage, dual-scene communication, deep research in the same field, cross-discipline cooperation!

⏩ Technology managers or if you love technology transfer work

No experience, no resources, no channels, no information, no contacts. What to do? Go to InnoMatch, customer acquisition resources, transaction guarantee, collaboration process, network resources, intelligent tools, knowledge base, full range of services!

After the registration phase, the platform will screen out the experience officer candidates according to the filling of the registration form, and according to the subsequent platformPublic VotingThe situation determines the final six experience officer candidates.


 Exclusive personal interviews.


Science and technology innovation, transformation of technological achievements and other related issues, difficultiesConsulting services.


 to InnoMatch global technology supply and demand matching platformYour suggestions for future functionality.


New FeaturesOn-line Signatures(If your suggestion is accepted for subsequent feature development, it will receive a feature credit).


Admission to offline sharing events, share your experience and advice, will get 10,000 RMB per day.

◆ August 26th 0:00 - September 12th 23:59  Enrollment Stage

◆ September 13, 0:00 - September 13, 23:59  Screening Stage

◆ September 14, 0:00 - September 18, 23:59  Voting Stage

◆ September 19, 0:00 - September 22, 23:59  Vote counting stage

◆ Sep. 23rd 0:00 - Sep. 23rd 23:59  Announcement of candidates

  1.  After the registration phase, the InnoMatch platform will screen the candidates for the Experience Officer based on the completion of each applicant's registration form.
  2. Candidates will be voted on in the InnoMatch service, and voting will last for 5 days.
  3. The six candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected as chief experience officers and enter the subsequent experience process.
  4. On the day of offline sharing, each Chief Experience Officer will be paid 10,000 RMB per day.

Method 1: Long press to scan the following small program code

Method 2: Follow InnoMatch service number.Click on the menu bar below "Activity Benefits" - "Chief Experience Officer"