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Yangtze River Delta Institute of Advanced Materials

Established in December 2019, the Yangtze River Delta Advanced Materials Research Institute is headquartered in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, based on the materials section of Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Technology Research Institute, and jointly supported by Jiangsu Province and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Steel Research Technology Group and China Baowu Iron and Steel Group, aiming to build a new world-class R&D institution and a national materials innovation base in the field of materials. The Institute adopts a new management and operation mechanism, jointly coordinates leading enterprises, universities and research institutes in the field of structural materials, gathers many academicians and other top research teams at home and abroad, focuses on leading-edge technologies and key common technologies and application research and development in the materials industry, increases the source supply of major key technologies, and builds a materials innovation center with concentrated innovation resources, open organization and operation, diversified governance structure, and international influence. It will also create a national innovation center with its core, and become the main platform for undertaking major national projects in the field of materials. In terms of platform construction. The first phase of the materials analysis and characterization platform, with a total of 29 units, has been fully shared and opened to the public to provide analysis and testing services and R&D work. The total number of external service units has exceeded 300, and the total machine hours exceeded 20,000. The second phase of equipment procurement is progressing rapidly, with a budget of around 180 million RMB. The characterization platform has been certified by CMA, and the qualification of CNAS and NADCAP will be completed by the end of 2021. The first phase of the materials big data and application platform has been launched around key structural materials for the automotive industry. The instrumentation and characterization technology development platform has focused on developing analysis and characterization equipment corresponding to advanced analysis technologies to realize comprehensive evaluation of component-level tissue properties for different service environments. Exhibits Introduction Aero-engine shrinkage model: The technology adopts seed crystal method + LMC liquid metal cooling highly directional solidification process method, compared with the traditional water-cooled directional solidification technology, the technology has high production efficiency, high yield rate, small crystalline offset and primary dendrite spacing, and excellent high temperature performance. Flexible customized roll forming technology products: with roll forming as the manufacturing platform, in-line punching, cutting, laser welding, bending and other processes are integrated into one, realizing advanced manufacturing process with multi-process and multi-disciplinary crossover.

Swissnex in China Swiss Federal Government Centre for Science, Technology and Culture

Swissnex in China, the Swiss Federal Government's scientific consulate in China, is a bridge between Switzerland, China and the world of education, research and innovation, supporting its partners to actively expand and participate in the global exchange of knowledge, ideas and talents. Swissnex is an initiative of the Swiss Federal Secretariat of State for Education, Research and Innovation and is one of the Swiss Federal Government's foreign offices managed by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Swissnex: helping to achieve environmentally friendly development Switzerland is known for its picturesque landscapes and is an innovative country committed to developing science and technology for an environmentally friendly society. With world-class research institutions, a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and the ability to attract top talent, Switzerland has long been ranked among the most innovative countries in the world, and these unique advantages have allowed it to continue contributing advanced solutions for a more sustainable future. The solutions presented in this exhibition are a distillation of Switzerland's efforts to contribute to environmentally friendly development around the world. The projects selected focus on the transition to renewable energy and innovative applications in transport, the world's largest source of CO2 emissions, including: cutting-edge research to address sustainable energy conversion and storage technologies, the driverless electric racing car champion gotthard The PAC-Car II, a hydrogen-powered car that broke the world record for fuel efficiency, and the SunPower, a long-range experimental solar aircraft project that completed a round-the-world trip. The exhibition is curated by the Swissnex in China, the Swiss Federal Government's centre for science, technology and culture. The Swissnex in China is the Swiss Consulate of Science in China and serves as a bridge between Switzerland, China and the world of education, research and innovation, supporting its partners to actively expand and participate in the global exchange of knowledge, ideas and talents.

Beijing Zhongke Titanium Leader Technology Co.

Founded in 2017, CSTI Group is a professional innovation service organization under the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the mission of promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and serving industrial transformation and development. Since its establishment, it has taken the lead in the industry to propose the 4.0 model of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, built a science and technology innovation service system with the main business of "transformation of scientific and technological achievements + industrial park operation", and provided one-stop innovation and entrepreneurship services for local governments and various enterprises. Up to now, the business of CSTI has been involved in 15 provinces and more than 30 cities in China, becoming the largest force in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements within the system of Chinese Academy of Sciences and a leading position in the industry. Exhibits Introduction The construction of "China-Russia International Collaborative Innovation Center" 2020-2021 is the year of China-Russia science and technology innovation jointly determined by the leaders of China and Russia, in order to actively respond to this theme, CSTC Titanium Leader actively expand the business of science and technology cooperation with Russia, with the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Engineering, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the establishment of a strategic cooperation mechanism. With the joint support of many parties, we have initiated the establishment of "CSTC Moscow Collaborative Innovation Center" and "China-Russia High-end Talent Association", and actively promote the construction of "China-Russia International Collaborative Innovation Center" in China. "In this system of cooperation, only one of the most important projects is the establishment of the China-Russia International Center for Collaborative Innovation. Under this cooperation system, in 2020 alone, CSTI Group has introduced nearly 20 Russian academicians and experts and more than 30 scientific and technological achievements to China. In the future, CSTI Group will continue to take advantage of the synergistic model of Russian-Chinese science and technology innovation, rely on the structure of "two centers in two countries" and cooperate with the online and offline science and technology innovation service system to promote the mutual benefit and synergistic development of China and Russia in the field of science and technology and industry.

Suzhou Moteng Intelligent Technology Co.

One-stop equity incentive intelligent platform, different from traditional equity incentive services, Share Plus Plus not only provides professional services such as equity incentive plan design, equity structure design, shareholding platform construction, equity financial tax planning, etc.

Shanghai Zhangjiang University Collaborative Innovation Institute

The Zhangjiang Collaborative Innovation Institute of Shanghai Universities is a service exchange platform combining industry, academia and research, bringing together the innovative technology and talent resources of universities, dovetailing with the advantageous industries and preferential policies of Zhangjiang Hi-tech Zone, adopting an organized scientific research model, enhancing the innovation capacity and core competitiveness of Zhangjiang Hi-tech Zone for sustainable development, and promoting the reform and development of university mechanisms and systems. Click here for more information about the company

Shanghai Guanghua Patent Firm (General Partnership)

Guanghua Patent Firm is approved by the State Intellectual Property Office and the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and is qualified to provide foreign-related intellectual property agency services. Especially in patent agency, it has formed a meticulous and specialized division of labor patent agency operation mode for different technology fields and established a complete and sophisticated case application process management system. At present, Guanghua has 41 patent attorneys and 51 patent engineers, and has provided IP agency services for more than 5,200 high-tech enterprises and more than 80 listed companies at home and abroad. In recent years, the annual volume of IPR agents is more than 10,000 cases, and the volume of foreign-related IPR agents is 1,200 cases, ranking steadily among the top three patent agencies in Shanghai. The invention patent grant rate of 65% in the last three years is significantly higher than the average level of Shanghai invention grant rate of 53%. In 2016, we were awarded as a national three-star patent agency, and in the same year, we were awarded as a famous trademark unit in Shanghai, and in 2017, we were awarded as a national four-star patent agency. Exhibits Introduction Approved by the State Intellectual Property Office and the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, HanZhongHua's intellectual property agency business includes domestic and foreign patent agency (patent application, patent navigation, patent layout, etc.), domestic and foreign trademark agency (trademark registration, trademark invalidation, etc.), works and soft works registration agency, integrated circuit layout design registration agency; patent invalidation, re-examination, trademark opposition, re-examination, invalidation We provide a number of comprehensive agency services such as technology intermediary services, information consulting services and legal services. For the patent agency business in different technical fields, HanZhongHua has set up several departments, including Mechanical and Electrical Department, Electronic Communication Department, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Department, Microelectronics Department, European and American International Department, and Japanese International Department; together with this, the Process Department is equipped with hardware and software to provide efficient business management services for clients, which guarantees the meticulous business process and the security of case file management. With the cooperation of all departments, we provide our clients with high quality case application services, and can effectively control agency costs, reasonably plan application strategies, and effectively answer clients' concerns in real time and other professional services. Click here for more information about our company

China Enterprise News, China Enterprise News

China Enterprise News is a full media think tank platform focusing on China's industrial economy, empowering the new economy, helping industrial integration, integrating video, graphics and radio, acting as a bridge and link between the government, enterprises, parks and finance, adhering to the correct orientation of public opinion, adhering to industrial service orientation, and striving to build an exclusive media publishing center belonging to the government, enterprises and finance. In accordance with the requirements of the whole value chain, it has realized full media intellectualization, highlighted the industrial service function of the media platform, integrated enterprise incubation and accelerated growth in one media empowerment platform, built a comprehensive open system including online, intelligence, technology, application, marketing, content and new interactive platform, provided full life-cycle services for enterprises, and built a cross-industry ecology.

Shanghai Intellectual Property Service Industry Association

The SIPSA was formally established in April 2018 in Shanghai to better implement the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Use and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights to Support the Construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center" jointly formulated by the State Intellectual Property Office and other nine ministries and commissions, the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Shanghai Intellectual Property Services Industry" jointly formulated by the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and to realize the strategic deployment and requirements of Shanghai as a "Science and Technology Innovation Center". It was established in April 2018 in Shanghai, with the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office as the business unit in charge. The Association aims to "accelerate the cultivation and development of Shanghai's intellectual property service industry, promote the creation, application, management, protection and service of intellectual property, promote the deep integration of intellectual property services and scientific and technological economic development, and enhance the level and capability of the city's intellectual property services to promote scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development". The existing membership covers IP information service, IP training service, IP application service, IP transfer and transformation service, IP rights protection service and IP financial service, forming a complete chain of IP services. The Association is committed to representing the voice of Shanghai's IP service providers, conducting external exchanges, moving towards an international level in terms of advanced technology, service concepts and practical experience, introducing external training, and promoting a solid foundation for the region's IP service industry to upgrade its capabilities. The association will strive to become a platform for the majority of IP service workers to gather strength, exchange and build together, self-improvement and standardized development. We will promote the business development of our members in various fields of intellectual property, and enhance the service level around the various rights subjects or implementation subjects as service targets in all aspects of intellectual property management, creation, application and protection. Click here for more information about the company

Zhongdu Guowei (Beijing) Asset Appraisal Co.

Ltd. is a national and international large-scale professional intangible asset appraisal organization with authoritative asset appraisal qualification approved by the Ministry of Finance. It is a direct member of the China Asset Appraisal Association, the lead unit of the "Enterprise Brand Asset Appraisal Study" of the State Intellectual Property Office, a member of the China Intellectual Property Research Association, a member of the Board of Directors of Intellectual Property, and the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 quality system certification of the British NSA. The evaluation report is issued according to international practice and requirements, and its results are authoritative at home and abroad. The company has successfully cooperated with many famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as CCTV, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ziguang Software, Guizhou Maotai, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beiqi Foton, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Guangdong Zhigao Air Conditioner, Fujian Fugui Bird, Jiangsu Yalu, Sichuan Zhuyeqing, Matsushita Electric (China), ABB (China) and so on. For "Moutai", "Wanglaoji", "Yalu", "Zhigao", "Haikou", "Haikou", "Haikou", "Haikou", "Haikou", "Haikou", "Haikou", "Haikou", "Haikou". Hundreds of Chinese well-known trademarks such as "Mao Tai", "Wang Laoji", "Yalu", "Zhigao", "Haihua", "Linuo", etc. and more than a thousand patents and non-patent technologies have been evaluated authoritatively, which has strongly promoted and supported the brand strategy and technological innovation of enterprises.

Shanghai Ease Technology Co.

("AMT") is a leading "Management + IT" consulting service provider in China, providing comprehensive services from enterprise management improvement to industrial Internet transformation, and has served more than 3,000 clients in total. Among the top 100 enterprises in China, 60% is AMT's client; based on the recognition of AMT's services, 70%'s clients have signed with AMT for the second time or more. In the field of intellectual property and knowledge management, AMT has provided consulting planning and implementation services for hundreds of industry-leading enterprises in the field of intellectual property and knowledge management, helping them to realize the value-added of knowledge assets; helping hundreds of enterprises to build technology innovation and R&D management systems and promote technology R&D innovation; helping nearly 100 industrial Internet platform-based enterprises to plan and implement vertical industrial technology service platforms We help hundreds of enterprises to build technology innovation and R&D management system, and promote technology R&D innovation. Click here for more information about the company