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Ajo Smart Technology (Shanghai) Co.

Ltd, established in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, located at No. 185, Yuanxin Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, covering an area of 5,000 square meters with convenient transportation and 300 employees. Since its establishment, we have been aiming at creating value for shareholders, customers and society, and are committed to providing customers with beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly technology products. Our main products auto anti-glare rearview mirror, sub-instrument panel assembly, INS, IMD, IML, TOM, IME, real wood and other processes combined with electronic functional modules of automotive interior and exterior trim products. In 2014, we set up mold center and rearview mirror division, covering an area of 4,000 square meters, which is a manufacturing center to develop tools for blistering, punching, injection molding, and auxiliary tooling. Exhibits

Shenzhen Chaser Network Information Technology Co.

Shenzhen Chase Network Information Technology Co., Ltd ("") was established in February 2018, adhering to the mission of "focus on industrial policy, help enterprise development", deep plowing in the field of big data of government affairs, is a leader in industrial policy big data processing and accurate push It is the leader of industrial policy big data processing and accurate delivery. is committed to promoting the wisdom of government services, helping the implementation of industrial policies and accelerating the upgrading of industrial structure. By the beginning of 2021, there are 13 subsidiaries and one big data research institute under, and the registered enterprise members have exceeded 110,000+, with 40,000+ daily active enterprise users and 7,000+ resident enterprise service organizations. attaches importance to R&D, and its scientific and technological innovation ability has been in the leading position in the policy big data industry, and in 2020, it was certified as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise of Science and Technology" and "Technology Innovation Award" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Innovation Award" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has obtained 2 invention patents, 28 registration certificates, participated in the preparation of 1 national standard and 2 important industry reports, and published 4 academic papers. Exhibits 1. Poster display of The company introduction, platform objectives and services of are presented, and pictures of's company and products are also included to more comprehensively reflect the value of's platform and the company's core objectives. 2. online intelligent services. is the only Internet platform with massive policy data and intelligent service tools in China, collecting and structuring information from the national, provincial, municipal and district (county) departments on enterprise related policies from the whole network, including 355 cities and regions in China, covering 5,877 government units, 215,160 selected policies, 126,629 selected policies in the original text, 278,665 high enterprises in China, etc. (real-time data). 278,665 and other data (real-time update), providing various innovative services and policy big data intelligent experience. 3. 2021 video show. The video introduces the new version 4.0 of, which has been relaunched. The core highlight of the new version is the introduction of three new functional engines, namely Senseless Speedy Matching, Specialized and New "Small Giants" Diagnosis, and Big Data Report, which can realize more convenient policy matching services and meet the needs of users who declare Specialized and New "Small Giants", and complete It also completes the deep accumulation of policy data, enriches the form of government intelligent service experience, and becomes more powerful, stable and comprehensive in terms of technology, service, AI assistance and big data coverage.≤E≤flO¯2021-∆µπ-ae.mp4

Tongcheng Chemical (China) Co.

(RAC), a subsidiary of Tongcheng New Materials Group, was incorporated in June 2011 and is located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, a national chemical park, covering an area of 120,000 square meters, with a registered capital of 176 million RMB, and was put into operation in December 2012. It is a rubber auxiliary production base integrating modern scientific research, experiment and application. Now we have 15,000 tons per year of p-tert-butylphenol production unit; 10,000 tons per year of phenolic resin production unit; 15,000 tons per year of olefin production unit. In addition, the second phase of 60,000 tons of resin project and catalyst project will be completed and put into operation soon. In recent years, the company's operation has developed well and is in a stable development stage. In 2019, the company achieved business revenue of 723 million yuan, operating profit of 277.89 million yuan and paid 55.85 million yuan in tax. Exhibits Introduction 1. p-tert-butyl phenolic resin product is a non-reactive thermoplastic resin. The preparation process uses a relatively mild catalyst with good compatibility with the reaction system, and controls the aldehyde to phenol ratio under vacuum conditions to improve the viscosity enhancement effect of the product. It can be added into the rubber to improve the processing performance, prevent the rubber surface from oxidation and hardening, and ensure the adhesion and softness of the rubber. It has good compatibility with various rubbers and can be widely used in various synthetic and natural rubbers. It is especially suitable for tires and rubber products that need to be laminated in the process. 2. p-Octylphenol formaldehyde resin is a rubber tackifying additive, which is an indispensable tackifier for rubber products processed by multi-layer film lamination or pressing, as well as rubber-based tire products molding process. The alkylation process of this project uses reusable high temperature resistant sulfonic acid loaded cationic catalyst as alkylation catalyst, with high catalytic efficiency and adjustable intermediate alkyl phenol composition; the lipidation process controls the ratio of aldehydes to phenols under vacuum conditions, which significantly improves the tackifying effect of the product in rubber products. P-tert-butylphenol formaldehyde resin products can not only enhance the viscosity of synthetic rubber, so that its processability is improved, but also a large number of synthetic rubber in the formulation to improve the mechanical properties of tires. 3. p-tert-butylphenol is a chemical intermediate and stabilizer for the production of general household products (e.g. detergents, soaps, bar soaps), oil-soluble phenolic resins, surfactants, adhesives, UV absorbers, rubber vulcanizing agents, inks, flame retardants and other products. The project adopts a two-stage tandem continuous reaction process, with stable reaction and high conversion rate, and the product purity can reach more than 99.99% after distillation and purification. Because of its high purity, low impurity content and low melt color, the product of this project is also particularly suitable for the preparation of optical polycarbonate materials, and has a strong competitive edge in the same industry at home and abroad.


Shanghai Dongrui Chemical Co.

Shanghai Dongrui Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Jinshan Second Industrial Park, covering an area of about 16,000 square meters, with a registered capital of RMB 30 million. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of adhesives for textiles and garments. The company insists on scientific and technological research and development, honest management, with its strong independent research and development capabilities, always committed to product upgrading and replacement. At present, we have formed eight series of products, including co-polyamide hot melt adhesive, co-polyester hot melt adhesive, acrylate adhesive, water-based polyurethane adhesive and so on. Domestic customers are mainly located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, with a market share of 40%; foreign markets are currently concentrated in the Eurasian region. Dongrui Chemical continues to focus on the production and R&D of textile adhesive products, and continues to make use of its own advantages to become "the preferred manufacturer of global textile adhesives", and upholds the business philosophy of "Achievement of customers and win-win future". We are committed to "becoming the first choice of global textile adhesive manufacturer", uphold the business philosophy of "Achievement of customers and win-win future", practice the values of "integrity, gratitude and progress; focus, cooperation and innovation", and take the historical mission of "Smart and prosperous" to achieve the strategic goal of "creating integrity Dongrui and achieving sustainable development". To achieve the strategic goal of "building integrity Dongrui, achieving sustainable development" and unremitting struggle! The product is mainly used for textile and garment, with excellent water resistance, enzyme washing resistance, stonewash resistance; steam resistance, can be set; excellent dry cleaning effect, high bonding strength, not easy to deglue; after using the product, the garment does not crease, feel good and drape excellent.

Hollyson Coatings (Shanghai) Co.

Since its establishment in 2003, our company has been engaged in the development and production of water-based industrial coatings, and its related technology has applied for more than forty invention patents, of which about 80% has been successfully transformed and achieved mass production. There is a technical R&D center under the company, with more than 1500 square meters of international standard water-based industrial coating laboratory and 71 technical R&D staff, equipped with six resin R&D laboratories, four emulsion color paste application technology centers, two testing laboratories, three coating R&D laboratories and several other spraying and coating laboratories, each laboratory is equipped with precise test and analysis instruments and testing equipment. It can meet the experiments of coating ED mechanical, microbial data, corrosion resistance, QUV accelerated aging and so on. In addition, the company also has independent resin and coating production workshops, which can meet the requirements of product pilot and mass production. It is one of the "Specialized, Special and New" SMEs in Shanghai, a Small Giant Enterprise in Jiading District, an Enterprise Technology Center in Jiading District, an Engineering Technology Research Center in Jiading District, a Small Giant Cultivation Enterprise in Shanghai Science and Technology, and a Pilot Enterprise in Shanghai Patent Work. Exhibits Introduction I. Project Introduction: At present, the annual output of containers in the world exceeds 3.5 million TEUs, requiring about 400,000 tons of paint per year, worth about 6 billion yuan. It has driven the construction machinery, transportation equipment and other industries to make great strides towards environmental protection coating. With the rapid growth of paint production and output value, the paint industry is facing a huge challenge. In recent years, the paint industry is not only increasingly competitive, but also subject to numerous impacts of environmental protection inspections. The development of the paint industry is moving towards a green and environmentally friendly road. Although the water-based container coating has reduced the problem of VOC emission, it still brings some other negative effects of safe production, environmental protection and occupational health. This project addresses the shortcomings of existing technologies, develops a nano-esthetic OCS water-based coating, and completes the first fully automatic one-layer coating service system for the container industry in China. (2) The project innovation points: 1) Its film-forming material is a new type of special material with alicyclic enaminurea structure, which is a high-performance controlled polymerization surface treatment nanomaterial. Its structure has multi-functionality, high gel content after cross-linking and curing, hydrophobic and wear-resisting, self-repairing and healing properties; 2) Using the special structure of alicyclic amine urea and designing different gel curing time, it can adapt to different coating methods, which can achieve ultra-low VOC or even "zero" VOC in the coating process, self-drying curing at room temperature, no need to (3) The use of nano-conductive materials to further improve the anti-corrosion performance of the coating, to achieve the combination of coating shielding effect, corrosion inhibition effect and electrochemical effect. The introduction of special conductive polymer materials in the main cross-linked components, when water and ions just through the coating and contact with the iron substrate, the energetic effect is initiated, which is triggered on the iron surface and makes the iron gain electrochemical activity, iron partial oxidation occurs, generating electrons. These electrons from the anode part of the reaction (i.e. iron oxidation) generated by the special conductive polymer transport, making a large number of cathodic reaction, space to block the anode and cathode part of the reaction, improve the corrosion protection ability of the coating, greatly improve the anti-corrosion performance and chemical resistance and improve the durability of long-term use, with self-cleaning effect, can maintain a clean appearance for a long time; 4) products using a layer of coating New technology, change the traditional container water-based coating coating construction process, a layer of coating inside and outside the box instead of the two coatings inside the box, three coatings outside the box, room temperature self-drying, coating solvent-free, a lot of energy and manpower savings, energy saving and environmental protection, its construction convenience, very obviously better than water-based coatings and ordinary solvent-based coatings. (5) applicable to metal workpieces, the final coating, gloss ≥ 85 °, hardness of 3H, adhesion to grade 0, water resistance ≥ 500h, acid resistance ≥ 120h, with very excellent weathering performance, by 2000 hours QUV aging test, light loss rate ≤ 10%, ΔE ≤ 1.0, as well as excellent salt spray resistance ≥ 1200H. Three, the project product advantageous features. (1) Excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance: excellent flexibility and impact resistance in line with the development needs of the container in the process of use because of external causes easily lead to coating defects. (2) light and color preservation, self-cleaning effect: automotive coating manufacturing technology applied to the container industry, the use of the coating surface can achieve self-cleaning effect, with better anti-pollution data, the use of this process of painting the container in the actual various types of complex transport process will maintain a more clean appearance effect.


Shanghai Ibena Textiles Co.

Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of German IBNER, a German textile group founded in 1826, whose products cover different fields such as protective technology and fashion home textiles, and occupy a leading position in the international textile industry. As the earliest German textile enterprise settled in China (1994), Shanghai Ibena adheres to the German parent company's philosophy of rigorous management, technological innovation and quality assurance, always pays attention to the latest development of the international textile industry, and gains the trust and cooperation of international high-tech protective material suppliers. We provide international advanced protective fabrics for our military, police, fire fighting, industrial and other special industries. At the same time, our industrial steaming fabrics, high-grade automobile interior fabrics and German-style home textiles are widely praised by the market. Thanks to our reputation in the international technical textile field and our product development capability, Shanghai Ibena is the only partner of DuPont Aramid (Nomex and Kevlar) in China for the fire fighting industry, the only certified fabric manufacturer of PBI in China, and the partner of LENZING in Austria. The first-class raw material supply ensures the advanced and reliable of our products. The outer layer of firefighters' protective clothing uses two different fiber materials woven into a double-layer fabric, of which the surface layer uses Nomex, a high-performance flame retardant fiber material, which is prone to shrink when exposed to fire or high temperature, and carbonizes and expands at a high temperature of 400℃, so it has excellent thermal (flame) protection (shielding) performance. Kevlar fiber not only has very high strength, but also has excellent heat resistance. Kevlar hardly shrinks or shrinks less in case of flame or high temperature, at this time, in the process of encountering flame or heat hazard, the outer layer of Nomex bulges to form an air insulation layer, which increases the heat insulation performance of the fabric, at this time, using this intelligent outer layer, you can lose a layer of heat insulation layer, to achieve the purpose of layer reduction and weight reduction. The technical effect formed by this fabric is that the three-layer structure firefighters' firefighting protective clothing fully meets GA10-2014 "Firefighters' Firefighting Protective Clothing" in terms of indicators such as strong flame retardant outer layer, and the overall thermal protection performance TPP and other indicators are the same as the original four-layer structure firefighters' firefighting protective clothing. The technical indicators fully meet the requirements of GA10-2014 for firefighters' firefighting protective clothing. This combination of firefighting protective clothing has certain improvement in protective performance than the original combination, and almost the same as the original clothing in economic indexes, which also increases the feasibility of this combination of clothing equipment. Click here for more information about the company

Shanghai Nanomicro New Material Technology Co.

NNW company is engaged in ultra-fine pigment ink science and development, production and operation of high-tech enterprises, was established in March 2002. 2004 the company developed and produced NNW series of products listed as the Shanghai key new products, is the executive director of the China Pen Association and the ink professional committee vice director unit, the company is now the industry's only set of research and development and testing, production, sales and service in one of the enterprises, the establishment of a The company has established a perfect ink research and development system, index system, testing system and matching technical service system in the industry. NNW has an automated production base with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of NNW series products, which is fully marketed at home and abroad, and has become the largest professional manufacturer of consumables for advanced writing and office inks in China. NNW products have passed ASTM D4236, ASTM F963, MSDS, EN71-3 and EN71-9 of EU, JISL of Japan and CAM/CAL of China. completed EU REACH pre-registration. Exhibit Description This project is to investigate a whiteboard ink which is written on a variety of non-absorbent material surfaces, such as metal baked boards, alloy boards, enamel boards, glass boards, polyester boards, etc. The whiteboard pen is recognized as an "environmentally friendly dust-free teaching pen" because it does not produce pollutants such as dust during the writing process and the handwriting color is bright and vivid.  


Yunyan Materials Technology (Shanghai) Co.

Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and sales of functional new materials, is a Shanghai Science and Technology Small Giant cultivation enterprises and Shanghai Songjiang District, a class of key support enterprises, in 2020 received the Lingang Songjiang Venture Capital A round of financing, headquarters and R & D center is located in Shanghai Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City, in Shanxi Yuncheng built four Class A workshop with an annual output of 100,000 tons of Resin and expandable foam microspheres, 30,000 tons of special chemical products of the new materials factory. With experienced marketing and R&D teams, the company has built several business units focusing on resins, thermally expandable foaming microspheres, photovoltaic materials and phase change microcapsules, providing products and technical support to customers in the global industrial and consumer goods industries to improve the quality of their products while reducing environmental hazards. The products are widely used in shoe materials, plastic rubber, leather, textile printing, ink, artificial marble, ultra-light clay, aerospace and aviation, military equipment manufacturing and other industries; there are about six companies in the world engaged in the development and production of thermal expansion microspheres. As a leading domestic enterprise, the performance of our products has reached the same level as international imported products, breaking the monopoly of foreign products in high-end applications and providing the demand for lightweight applications in various fields in China.  


Shanghai Koki Electronic Materials Co.

Shanghai Koki Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is the second factory established in 2002 by International Laminates Co. Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer of copper clad products, producing various grades of FR-4CEM-3 and black substrates and other series of products, which are well known in the industry. Our company has several production lines of FR-4 laminates in the world, as well as a full set of product testing equipment. We are the first in the industry to adopt the vacuum pressing process, which has radically improved the inherent quality and reliability of our products. During our long-term production and operation practice, we have developed unique production technology and mature manufacturing process as well as a complete set of management system to control raw materials, production, process and quality, thus ensuring the high level and stability of our product quality. Our company is a member of IPC Association and CPCA Association, and our products are strictly manufactured and inspected according to IPC standards. Exhibits Introduction This project successfully developed a kind of CEM-3 copper clad board with high thermal conductivity and heat resistance and good processing performance through the efficient compounding of epoxy resin and thermal conductive filler. The product is prepared by adding a large number of micron-level thermally conductive fillers to the epoxy resin, using the high thermal conductivity epoxy resin as the base, compounding it with thermally conductive inorganic particles to prepare the glue, and pressing it into shape by adjusting the pressing method. The curing agent in the composite resin layer is selected from bisphenol A type phenolic resin, which improves the cross-link density during curing and can further improve the Tg value of the sheet while making the produced sheet with excellent heat resistance. The CEM-3 sheet after hot pressing has high thermal conductivity, with a thermal conductivity of 1.0W/M.K or more, which can well solve the rapid heat dissipation of electronic components such as LED lighting; at the same time, it has excellent heat resistance.


Shanghai Terra Electronics Technology Co.

Shanghai Terry Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established on April 18, 2003. The scope of business includes the development of technology in the field of electronic technology, etc. Exhibits include: sound absorbing foam products, battery covers, front cover sound insulation mats, exterior front sound insulation mats, drop tank sound insulation mats, electric bridge acoustic wraps, automotive air conditioning fabric air ducts, etc.