Open innovation for Large Companies

China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Corporation

China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Company Limited (China Baowu) was jointly restructured from the former Baosteel Group Company Limited and Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company, which was inaugurated on December 1, 2016.On September 19, 2019, China Baowu implemented a joint restructuring of Masteel Group. With a registered capital of 52.79 billion yuan and assets of over 860 billion yuan, China Baowu is a pilot state-owned capital investment company. With the vision of "becoming a global leader in the steel industry", the mission of "building a high-quality steel ecosystem" and the values of "integrity, innovation, synergy and sharing", China Baowu is committed to leading through technology, efficiency and sharing. Through technology leadership, efficiency leadership, and scale leadership, we are committed to building a pattern based on a green, high-quality and intelligent steel manufacturing industry and the synergistic development of new materials industry, intelligent service industry, resource and environment industry, industrial park industry, industrial finance industry and other related industries, forming a "billion tons of Baowu", "trillion Revenue" capacity, to create a number of pillar industries with 100 billion yuan revenue and 10 billion yuan profit and a number of excellent enterprises with 10 billion yuan revenue and 1 billion yuan profit. Based on the steel manufacturing industry, China Baowu has formed a business structure of "one base and five elements" through the collaborative development of new materials industry, intelligent service industry, resource and environment industry, industrial park industry and industrial finance industry. In this Global Technology Transfer Conference, China Baowu will be an exhibitor, bringing a variety of technologies and smart manufacturing projects. Preview of Exhibits In the series of previews of China Baowu, the Eastern Center is the first to bring exhibits related to the enterprises resident in Wusongkou Venture Park, the brand incubator of China Baowu. Wusongkou Venture Park Wusongkou Venture Park, located in Wusong Industrial Zone, Baoshan District, Shanghai, was inaugurated on February 4, 2016. It is the incubator brand of China Baowu and the professional incubation service platform of China Baowu National Dual Innovation Demonstration Base. Since its establishment, Wusongkou Venture Park has been following the strategic layout of "one base and five elements" of China Baowu, helping to build a high-quality steel ecosphere, and focusing on the vision goal of "becoming a professional crowdsourcing space and industrial incubator with certain influence and reputation in China, a core service platform of Baowu's dual innovation and a model of dual innovation of central enterprises". It will focus on developing new materials, smart manufacturing and green low-carbon industries, relying on the rich R&D resources and industrial resources of Baowu Group, and attracting internal and external industrial chains, innovation chains, resource chains and other elements to gather; focusing on key industry fields, strengthening the introduction of leading enterprises and top talents in the industry, strengthening the cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises, creating The park will focus on key industry fields, strengthen the introduction of leading enterprises and top talents in the industry, strengthen the cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and create a highland of domestic innovation industry, and create an industrial gathering area and entrepreneurial ecological zone. After five years of exploration, Wusongkou Venture Park has created the operation model of "physical space + professional services + technology platform", established a three-tier service system of liaison officer - counselor - business mentor, and built a "platform layer - incubation layer - application layer". -In 2020, Wusongkou Business Park has become a national dual-innovation demonstration base. In 2020, Wusongkou Business Park will become the Baoshan branch of Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Park; the service team of Wusongkou Business Park will be awarded as "2020 Hurun Top 10 Outstanding Contribution to Shanghai Technology Transfer Industry", "2020 Hurun Best Performing Technology Manager of Shanghai Technology Transfer" and China Baowu 2020 Top 10 "Excellent Team of Innovation and Striving for Advancement". Wusongkou Venture Park insists on promoting the corporate culture of "innovation and never stop", adhering to the core value of "centering on creators, precisely matching resources and opening up to society", and insisting on "serving the real economy, promoting enterprises' transformation and upgrading, and promoting social innovation and entrepreneurship". We have established strategic cooperation relationship with National Technology Transfer East Center, Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation and Nurturing Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhongmu Science and Technology Park, Fudan University, Northeastern University, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Lenovo Venture Capital, Guoxin Venture Capital, etc. to jointly build innovation and entrepreneurship base and technology transfer platform. It has become a national specialized crowdsourcing space, the first batch of specialized crowdsourcing spaces in Shanghai, a national demonstration base for new industrialization industry (new materials), an innovative practice area for China's industrial Internet, a liaison station for the conversion of high-tech achievements in Shanghai, and a Shanghai up-and-coming incubator. Relying on the brand influence of China Baowu, Wusongkou Venture Park keeps polishing the business card of Wesocool incubator, actively explores new bases for incubation, helps the construction of Wusong Innovation City, helps the construction of the integration of dual-creation in Yangtze River Delta, promotes the integration and development of large and medium-sized enterprises in Yangtze River Delta, and manifests the social responsibility of central enterprises.

Shanghai Biochip Co.

(Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Biochips) Shanghai Biochips Corporation (SBC) was established in 2001, and the National Development and Reform Commission approved the establishment of Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Biochips based on SBC in 2003, with a total investment of 290 million. The center is one of the largest biotechnology national engineering research centers in China's biomedical field, and is the secretariat and chairman of the National Technical Committee for Biosample Standardization (TC559), the Tissue Biosample Bank Branch of China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association (BBCMBA) and the Tumor Sample Integration Research Branch of China Anti-Cancer Association. The company (center) has established a technological innovation service system with biological sample repository, biochip, high-throughput sequencing, protein (antigen, antibody) detection and bioinformatics as the core platform, and an industrialization system with molecular medical test and molecular diagnostic product development and production as the core competitiveness, forming three major businesses such as scientific research and drug development technology services, molecular diagnostic product development and production sales and medical test services. It has become a cluster of innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises with industry influence and development characteristics in the biopharmaceutical industry base of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. The "Shanghai GeneChip Professional Technology Service Platform" established by the Company (Center) is an important member of Shanghai Biomedical Industry Technology Innovation Service Platform, providing the following research technology services: - Microarray chip service platform - Next-generation sequencing service platform - Quantitative PCR, digital PCR, etc. Single cell sequencing and spatial transcriptome sequencing service platform - Exosome identification service platform - Protein research service platform

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute Co.

(hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute") was established on February 8, 1970, formerly known as 728 Institute, which started at the same time as China Nuclear Power. "State Power Investment"). History, creating China's nuclear power three "first". It independently researched and designed the first nuclear power plant in mainland China - Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, which laid the foundation for China's eight major systems of nuclear power research and development, design, standards, materials, fuel, equipment, review, and talents, and is regarded as "the glory of the nation"; it was the first exported nuclear power plant in China - Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, which was turnkey designed. Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, China's first exported nuclear power plant, was hailed as a successful model of South-South cooperation; it was the chief technical support unit for Qinshan III, China's first heavy water reactor nuclear power plant. In 2007, the Party Central Committee and the State Council made a major strategic decision to "introduce advanced technologies, unify technology lines, and achieve the independence of China's nuclear power from a high starting point", and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute was positioned as the technical support unit for the introduction, digestion and absorption of the third-generation advanced nuclear power technology AP1000 in China, and to achieve innovation on the basis of this technology. Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute is positioned as the technical body to introduce, digest and absorb the third-generation advanced nuclear power technology AP1000 and achieve innovation on this basis. Based on the national science and technology major special projects and around the decision deployment of State Power Investment, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute has successfully completed the introduction, digestion, absorption and reinvention of the advanced technology of third generation non-energy nuclear power, developed the large advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power model "Guohe No. 1" (CAP1400) and built the first four AP1000 units in the world. AP1000 units. In August 2019, in accordance with the model of "R&D+AE", NNPC integrated nuclear power R&D, design, engineering management and life cycle services and other related resources, and restructured the new State Nuclear Power Technology Co. ("NNPT")/Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute ("SNIEC"), with integrated management of "two brands and one headquarters", coordinating and promoting R&D, application and promotion of nuclear energy technology and collaborative development of the industrial chain, leading the implementation of nuclear energy R&D topics and tasks, and being responsible for general engineering contracting, integrating R&D, design, procurement, construction and commissioning. The company has the ability to design the whole island of a nuclear island and realize the complete EPCS with design as the leader, and strives to become a first-class nuclear energy general contracting enterprise with the strongest domestic construction capability and global competitiveness. Exhibiting Technologies and Products n Integrated Management Platform for Fluid Equipment Design, Analysis and Verification n System-level Thermal Fluid Simulation and Analysis Platform n Automatic Analysis Software for Piping and Hanger Integrated Management Platform for Fluid Equipment Design, Analysis and Verification      

Shanghai Industry Cluster Incubation Joint Innovation Pavilion

The main exhibitor of Shanghai Industry Cluster Incubation Joint Innovation Pavilion is Shanghai Yangpu Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Co. The incubator was established on August 25, 1997, next to Fudan University, and has since become the first incubator in China to be set up outside a high-tech zone and around a university. In 2001, on the basis of Shanghai Yangpu High-Tech Entrepreneurial Service Center, Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, Shanghai Fudan Science and Technology Park Corporation and Shanghai Wujiaochang High-Tech Joint Development Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Wujiaochang High-Tech Joint Development Co. The incubator is operated in a new mode with "two brands, two teams and two mechanisms". In 2005, as a pilot of Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center restructuring, Shanghai Yangpu Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Service Center and Shanghai Hi-Tech Business Yangpu Incubation Base Co. In the past 20 years, Yangchuang has pioneered a number of industry firsts: it was the first to propose the "Entrepreneurial Mentorship Service Platform", which became the basic framework of the "Entrepreneurial Mentorship Guidelines" promoted by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology to the whole country. The first science and technology business nursery The first microfinance company initiated by an incubator in China The first venture capital fund with equity participation from the Ministry of Science and Technology, which has become the first science and technology business incubator in China to integrate investment and loan functions The innovation service chain system of "business nursery + incubator + accelerator", which was established in In 2014, the system was compiled by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a document entitled "Guide to the construction of the "nursery-incubator-accelerator" science and technology business incubation chain" for national promotion. The picture of the business mentor, the picture of the nursery, the picture of the microfinance company, and the picture of Yinfu Fund.

Jiermek Biotechnology Co.

Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai new and old science and technology enterprises linkage promotion and application of international gold award technology Received the 2018 international gold award GERMAGIC® slow-release long-lasting sterilization technology in 2020 by the young science and technology innovation enterprise Nanjing Jiermek Biotechnology Co. and the new national intelligent sensing innovation center (Shanghai) in 2018, the national engineering center for ultrafine powder (Shanghai) established in the 1990s, the and Ningbo Huishikang Health Company established in 2012 linkage, undertake, transfer and secondary development of applications and core technologies; in April 2021 with the National Technology Eastern Transfer Center, Shanghai International Exchange Market linkage promotion, integration with various industries, technology docking and market expansion; more through the Oriental International Group Shanghai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. with the Yangtze River Delta region economic development, openness, innovation ability to drive Ltd. through the Yangtze River Delta region's economic development, openness, innovation, brand products and market circulation, to complete the integration of "science, industry and trade". GERMAGIC® new generation of slow-release, long-lasting germicidal technology Micro-encapsulated slow-release molecular materials The world's first slow-release, long-lasting germicidal technology revolutionizes "safe, efficient, long-lasting, active" germicidal. A must for everyday life. GERMAGIC® new generation of slow-release long-lasting germicidal technology - won the 2018 Geneva International Invention Gold Award; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology joint laboratory, R & D team of more than 40 people, from 2003 to 2020, the research and development cycle took 17 years; is currently the world's only can provide [air disinfection + surface disinfection + personal protection] a full range of complete solutions provider. GERMAGIC® new generation slow-release, long-lasting disinfection technology was successfully applied to Vulcan Hill Hospital and has been widely used in public places and facilities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries around the world since March 2020, making a significant contribution to the global fight against the new crown epidemic. R&D History

AstraZeneca International Life Sciences Innovation Park

AstraZeneca is the No.1 pharmaceutical company in China: total sales in China will be nearly $5.4 billion by 2020 AstraZeneca's second largest market in the world Nearly 20,000 employees Invested $1.5 billion in R&D Invested more than $1 billion to introduce nearly 40 innovative drugs Deeply focused on six therapeutic areas in China: respiratory, oncology, cardiovascular, renal, metabolism and digestion In the future, we plan to develop new drugs and new indications in-house, collaborate on the development of local Class 1 drugs, introduce innovative drugs from home and abroad, and increase the number of diagnostic devices to provide a wide range of products and solutions to benefit patients.