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2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference

The Pujiang Innovation Forum, hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, was established in 2008 to plan and promote innovation with a global perspective. Based on the new era, the Forum will be committed to becoming a place where important signals are released, important topics are led and important discussions are curated in the global science and technology innovation field. As an important part of the Forum, the Global Technology Transfer Conference and the First World Technology Managers Summit (INNO-MATCH EXPO) is scheduled to be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from October 28 to 30.


The conference will focus on the theme of technology transfer and technology managers, attracting global innovation resources and innovation think tanks to gather in Shanghai, and representatives from well-known industry associations, institutions, innovative enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad to explore global technology transfer trends, while focusing on the important topic of "China's needs, global unveiling". The event will showcase the innovation needs of Chinese enterprises for global industry elites to meet and create a global innovation demand integration place.


The conference will focus on the frontiers of science and technology, innovation trends and industrial development, and invite experts, scholars and government officials from science and technology, industry, academia and investment sectors to conduct a number of thematic forums for equal dialogue, exchange and mutual enlightenment on building a global innovation governance system that promotes common development.
Directors: Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China | Shanghai Municipal People's Government
Hosts| Ministry of Science and Technology Torch High Technology Industry Development Center | Shanghai Science and Technology Commission
host country: United Arab Emirates                       Guest of honour province (city): Chongqing City
Supporters| Shanghai Municipal Education Commission | Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology | Shanghai Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission | Shanghai Municipal Administration of Market Supervision | Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Health | Shanghai Municipal Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development | Tianjin Municipal Commission of Science and Technology | Hebei Science and Technology Department | Shanxi Science and Technology Department | Liaoning Science and Technology Department | Jilin Science and Technology Department | Jiangsu Science and Technology Department | Zhejiang Science and Technology Department | Anhui Science and Technology Department | Fujian Science and Technology Department | Jiangxi Science and Technology Department | Shandong Science and Technology Department | Henan Science and Technology Department | Guangdong Science and Technology Department | Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department | Hainan Science and Technology Department Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau | Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department | Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department | Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department | Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department | Yangtze River Delta Regional Innovation System Construction Joint Conference Office | Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center
Special SupportersShanghai Jing'an District People's Government | Shanghai Minhang District People's Government
Organizers: National Centre for Technology Transfer East
Cooperating agenciesShanghai Technology Exchange | Shanghai International Technology Exchange | Jiangsu Technology Property Market | Zhejiang Science and Technology Market | Anhui Science and Technology Research and Development Center