Shanghai Qinkai Network Technology Co.

Shanghai Qinkai Network Technology Co.


QinKai Smart Property Management Cloud is a new generation of property management information system software based on Internet, IoT and AI. This product is designed for the management of various industrial parks, office buildings, factories, residential communities, etc. It is applicable to both property operators and property management executors, as well as single projects and group management platforms. This product can achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency, energy saving and carbon reduction, and continuous optimization in property management through the digitization, process and intelligence of daily operation and maintenance, operation and internal control management of property.

Company Profile

Ltd. is an information technology service provider dedicated to the upgrading of urban digital industry. The company's technical team comes from Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Accenture and other well-known companies, in line with the service concept of "improving customer value through information technology services", the company has accumulated rich experience in intelligent property management, intelligent parks, intelligent stadiums and other intelligent industries. After years of research and development, QinKai's intelligent property management software has been officially released and has been applied in various parks, buildings, enterprises and institutions one after another and has been highly recognized by customers. We hope that through our unremitting efforts, we can contribute to the construction of new infrastructure in China.