Shanghai Jieshi Medical Technology Co.

Shanghai Jieshi Medical Technology Co.

Ltd. was established in December 2012, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of Class III medical devices - ophthalmic implant products, the core team members have many years of experience in the ophthalmic medical device industry. The company has obtained 6 invention patents and 8 authorized utility model patents. The first high purity perfluorooctane for ophthalmic surgery developed by the company independently was granted the registration certificate in January 2020. A series of ophthalmic medical device products such as perfluorobutylpentane for ophthalmic surgery (silicone oil cleaner), perfluoropropane gas for ophthalmic use (filler gas) and silicone oil for ophthalmic surgery (functional silicone oil) are under development, registration test or clinical trial.


PFOA for ophthalmic surgery is the second generation of heavy water for ophthalmic surgery, with high density, high chemical stability, low viscosity and non-toxic, colorless and transparent characteristics, it can be used as temporary filling during ophthalmic surgery, using the physical properties of high specific gravity to promote the detached retina to reset, to help the smooth success of the surgery, to solve the problem of the first generation of heavy water for ophthalmic surgery (PFOA for ophthalmic surgery) due to too large specific gravity and easy to damage the optic nerve and retinal microvasculature. It has the independent intellectual property rights related to the core technology of synthesis and purification, and has the excellent characteristics of high purity, low impurity content, safer and more stable products.

In January 2020, the product obtained the registration certificate: State Arm Note 20203160015, and in April 2020, the production license: Shanghai Food and Drug Administration Arm Production License No. 20202739. The product was successfully selected in the "2020 Shanghai Second Batch of Innovative Products Recommended Catalogue" led by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, while the product passed the evaluation of Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project Recognition Office and was approved as the "2020 10th Batch of High-tech Achievement Transformation Project ".