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Rumex Hyaluronic Acid Barrier Conditioning Sublimation Original

The first 4-step barrier repair theory, successfully entered the "porcelain sensitive skin" repair "no man's land". 5-step intelligent hyaluronic acid with the emerging star skin care ingredients in Europe and the United States CB2-Skin, effectively repair the skin nerve barrier, blocking the "switch" of skin heat sensitivity; The "guardian of the skin" Ectoin with Centella asiatica, to strengthen the skin's defense barrier; Lactobacillus extract, to regulate the skin's "micro-ecological" barrier; ceramide with intelligent hyaluronic acid, to build a stable keratin barrier. The skin is rejuvenated and rejuvenated with a full range of "porcelain sensitive skin".

Renzi Modified Sodium Hyaluronate Gel for Injection

Jinan High-tech Zone

Jinan High-tech Zone is the first batch of national high-tech zones approved by the State Council in March 1991, with a total area of 318 square kilometers, divided into five major zones: Central Zone, High-tech East Zone, High-tech North Zone, Zhangjin Zone, and Innovation Valley Zone. It has 5 street offices and a resident population of over 400,000. It is the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone of Shandong Peninsula approved by the State Council.
In 2020, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Jinan High-tech Zone achieved 129.15 billion yuan, an increase of 6.5%; the total industrial output value above the scale, the total import and export value, and the total export volume ranked first among all districts and counties in Jinan City, and ranked first in Shandong High-tech Zone in the comprehensive evaluation of national high-tech zones.
It has a national software export innovation base, a service outsourcing demonstration base, a game and animation industry base, an integrated circuit design industry base, a national innovative drug incubation base, a national innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas high-level talents, a demonstration base for training innovative talents of the Ministry of Science and Technology, an innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas Chinese in the Overseas Chinese Dream Garden, a national expert service base and a number of other national golden signs.
A number of high-end technology support platforms have been landed, including the Jinan Science and Technology City of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Institute of Industrial Research, Shandong Institute of Industrial Research, Shandong Institute of Advanced Technology of China Science and Technology, National Supercomputing Center of Jinan, Wave High Performance Computing Center, National Comprehensive New Drug R&D Technology Platform, and Quantum Technology Research Institute. It focuses on the development of the three leading industries of new-generation information technology, equipment manufacturing and biomedicine, and overbuilds a number of strategic emerging industries such as quantum technology, human capital, block chain and cyberspace, medical and health care, and commercial aerospace. By the end of 2020, the high-tech zone will have gathered more than 250 R&D institutions above the provincial level, 1,214 high-tech enterprises, and the total number of listed enterprises in the zone will reach 118, including 92 listed enterprises on the New Third Board.
It has been practicing the concept of high-quality development, continuously improving the business environment, simplifying the commercial registration process, making every effort to create a "land-is-construction" approval mode for engineering and construction projects, and striving to build a demonstration zone for innovation-driven development, a pioneer zone for high-quality development and a new high ground for opening up to the outside world. Jinan High-tech Zone has been developed into a modern new city with vitality, industry-city integration, livability and workability.