Shanghai Ying Yi Urban Planning & Design Co.

Shanghai Ying Yi Urban Planning & Design Co.

Company Profile

Ltd. is located in Caohejing Development Zone, Shanghai. It is a professional urban and rural planning and design service provider, with many qualifications, such as Grade A urban and rural planning, Grade B land planning, Grade B cultural relics protection engineering survey and design, etc. It is also recognized by the Science and Technology Commission as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, and has won the honorary titles of "Shanghai Five-star Honest Enterprise ", "Shanghai Science and Technology Small Giant Enterprise", "Xuhui District Enterprise Technology Center" and other honorary titles.

The company was established in November 2007 and successfully restructured in October 2015. At present, it is the vice president unit of Shanghai Urban Planning Industry Association, the executive director unit of Shanghai Urban Planning Society, the executive director unit of Shanghai Land Institute, the executive director unit of Shanghai Urban Science Research Society, the president unit of Shanghai Xuhui District Urban Planning Association, the director unit of Community Planner Professional Committee of Shanghai Urban Planning Society, the vice Director member of the Shanghai Urban Planning Association, and Deputy Director of the Urban Renewal Committee of the Shanghai Architecture Society.

The company has always adhered to the core concept of "professionalism. The company has always adhered to the core concept of "Professionalism...originated from ideas", and deeply implemented the requirement of "People's city is built by people, people's city is for people". We have explored extensively in urban renewal and rural revitalization, and formed a service mode that integrates the whole process from macro to micro, from comprehensive to special, and multi-dimensional refinement to meet the various needs of our clients. Over the years, several projects have won national and municipal awards for excellent urban and rural planning and design.

Along with the vigorous development of business, the company has been involved in more and more extensive fields. On the one hand, we continue to strengthen and specialize in planning and design business, on the other hand, we focus on the development of smart cities, concentrate on scientific and technological innovation, continue to make breakthroughs in the field of digital information technology, and obtain a number of independent intellectual property rights. At present, the company has formed the information technology service mainly in underground space with "digital twin" and above ground space with "city portrait", providing professional solutions for urban planning, urban construction and urban management in multiple scenarios, and also taking a solid step for the comprehensive transformation of the company. The company has taken a solid step forward in its comprehensive transformation.

Yilong Municipal Pipeline Planning and Design Service


Municipal pipeline is the core of BIM technology, which really solves the problem that traditional municipal pipelines are separate and different from each other between design software and display platform, and can seamlessly realize the interface with a variety of BIM software in the market, integrating planning, design, management, construction, operation and maintenance in one multi-dimensional, multi-domain, and serving urban infrastructure design and construction through data processing, starting from the source of planning and design. Solve the municipal pipeline to coordinate the spatial location of various pipelines in municipal projects and coordinate the contradictions between pipelines and between pipelines and other projects, and greatly improve the efficiency of comprehensive pipeline design.
According to the surveying and mapping data provided by the surveying and mapping institute, the BIM model of the pipeline is created directly, which realizes the seamless connection of design data from the surveying and mapping stage to the planning stage and greatly improves the design efficiency. The collision check function can quickly view and modify the collision results by scaling to, panning to and other functions, which can achieve perfect design results in the planning stage, avoid design changes caused by pipeline collision later, and improve design efficiency.