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Shanghai Hehe Information Technology Co.

Empowering cities to upgrade their digital intelligence, Hapagroup presents intelligent text recognition and business big data at the 2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference Shanghai Hapagroup is a leading artificial intelligence and big data technology company. It is committed to providing innovative digital and intelligent services to global enterprises and individual users through its core technologies, C- and B-side products and industry solutions in the fields of intelligent text recognition and business big data. The company has been working for more than 10 years in the core technologies of intelligent word recognition, image processing, natural language processing (NLP), knowledge mapping and big data mining, and has more than 100 invention patents with independent intellectual property rights. The company has three C-app products: Intelligent Scanning and Text Recognition App: Scanning King, Intelligent Business Card and Network Management App: Business Card King, and Enterprise Information Inquiry App: Qixinbao. The company serves hundreds of millions of users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with a total of 540 million first-time downloads from the App Store and Google Play app market (excluding Android app market downloads). The company's B-side services, i.e. intelligent text recognition service and business big data service, help customers to effectively solve the business pain points of cost reduction and efficiency, improve risk control and efficient customer acquisition, and provide high technical added value. The company has already achieved mature applications in nearly 30 industries, including banking, insurance, securities, funds, auto finance, supply chain finance, government, manufacturing, logistics, real estate, and credit. Exhibits: Intelligent Text Recognition Technology (OCR): Business Card All-in-One: OCR display of business card recognition technology productized to smartphones; Scanning All-in-One: One-click recognition and extraction of text display through intelligent image processing and text recognition technology; Intelligent text recognition and understanding one-stop service platform: including: Textin ticket robot, Textin financial report robot, Textin contract comparison robot and other recognition robots. Textin contract comparison robot and other recognition functions display.

Shanghai Black Ben Internet Technology Co.

Company Introduction Founded in 2017, Shanghai Black Ben Internet Technology Co. is a new Internet technology company focusing on AI emotion computing, distributed storage and cloud computing core technology research. Black Ben Technology focuses on emotional intelligence analysis system consisting of three core technologies: emotion recognition, emotion analysis and contextual interaction, and long-term focus on third-generation biometric technology. In the field of distributed storage, Black Ben Technology has been laying out and cultivating for three years, combining the essence of blockchain and establishing distributed storage nodes to make data safer, more efficient and more stable. Black Ben Technology is committed to storage underlying algorithm optimization, cluster building, and data storage on the cloud, aiming to provide basic support for the arrival of WEB3.0 and 5G era. Black Ben Technology has a young team with rich research experience, the core team 80% or more has a doctorate degree. Black Ben Technology is committed to solving the problems of public security, data storage, intelligent healthcare, education, finance, etc., providing intelligent solutions for the government, enterprises, etc., and has long been the leading level in China. Core Technology To figure out what AI emotion is, we have to start from the impact of emotion on intelligence. Humans are highly emotional creatures, and even if they are not aware of it most of the time, emotions influence everything people do: directing attention, influencing the way they learn and remember, their perception of themselves and others, and ultimately their personal growth as well as personality formation. Emotions affect all aspects of intelligence and behavior at the individual and group levels. Collectively, they determine market behavior, social cohesion, the state of the local and global economy, and the progress of nations. Black Ben Technology is the world's leading cross-border R&D team for emotion computing by interpreting important human emotions such as depression, stress, fatigue, attention, and excitement through data from physiological sensors and implementing a non-contact analysis model for analysis in video, and developing industry applications through years of deep collaboration across industries. Black Ben Technology uses multimodal emotion recognition and sentiment analysis technology, based on the principles of biology, physics and brain neurology, using artificial intelligence deep learning approach, based on the mainstream emotional computing technology, built DeepBrain™ Smart Brain emotional artificial intelligence engine, this engine is a powerful emotional artificial intelligence platform, it can be deployed in offline devices for native computing, or can be deployed In the cloud, it uses innovative human physiological and emotional vibration analysis technology to analyze human physiological and psychological states in real-time video streaming data. Black Ben Technology has invested heavily in scientific research and has successfully built analytical models of the human body using machine learning technology, which are continuously published and updated on the DeepBrain™ engine. The full range of DeepBrain™ models can be accessed through a simple licensing process. The licensing allows local applications to use them offline, and external applications to submit physiological and emotional vibration data to the DeepBrain™ engine over the web and obtain analysis results. The engine integrates data analysis in multiple modalities, such as voice and video, and incorporates the ability to analyze micro-expressions, micro-motions, sound intensity, heart rate, etc., to identify and quickly capture abnormal state changes, provide real-time alerts and historical retrieval, and perform full acquisition of 5 multi-modalities (micro-expressions, muscle micro-vibrations, sound intensity, heart rate, body temperature), 8 major expressions, 22 specific expressions and micro-motions, and 12 emotional patterns. The algorithm can be optimized and parameters adjusted according to different application scenarios to achieve accurate model matching for each different scene and get the most accurate data results. Among them, Black Ben Technology also independently developed the human physiological emotional vibration image analysis technology based on video signal analysis, which also becomes the supporting technology of DeepBrain™ engine. Solution Emotion is a physiological and psychological state that consists of a combination of thinking, feeling and behavioral performance. There are two sets of key words in this definition, one for "thinking, feeling and behaving" and one for "physiological and psychological". In other words, emotions are not simply triggered by an event, but are an integrated product of thinking, feeling, and behavior; emotions are not simply mental states, but also a physiological state. For artificial intelligence, it is not enough just to have the ability to analyze and recognize, human intelligence is not simply logical calculation and reasoning, there are also decisions and actions driven by emotional feelings. Then, the ability to recognize and express emotions is a big leap towards human intelligence. As the diagram below shows, AI emotional computing incorporates many technologies and covers many application areas. With the rapid development of society, the issue of human emotions is becoming increasingly important for the security and stability of society as a whole. Application scenarios: Rapid screening of people with abnormal emotions at important ports and key areas.

Shanghai University Shanghai Key Laboratory of High Temperature Superconductivity

Shanghai High Temperature Superconductivity Key Laboratory was established in 2014, focusing on the major needs of national and Shanghai high temperature superconductivity strategic emerging industry development, guided by the industrialization of high temperature superconductivity and application needs, taking the industrialization of second generation high temperature superconducting strips as a breakthrough, through interdisciplinary and industry-academia-research cooperation, to achieve the discovery of important scientific problems in the field of high temperature superconductivity and original Through cross-disciplinary and industry-academia-research cooperation, the laboratory has achieved the discovery and original innovation of important scientific problems in the field of high-temperature superconductivity, overcome technical problems and bottlenecks in the application of high-temperature superconductivity engineering, and formed landmark innovative achievements with international influence and meeting national strategic needs. The "Key Preparation Technology of Second Generation High Temperature Superconducting Strips" led by Prof. Chuanbing Cai, the director of the laboratory, won the Second Prize of Shanghai Technical Invention in 2017. Exhibit Introduction Superconducting materials, under certain low temperature conditions, have exotic properties (zero resistance, complete antimagnetism, Josephson properties, etc.). These properties enable superconducting materials to transmit large currents, obtain strong magnetic fields, achieve magnetic levitation, detect weak magnetic field signals, etc., and they are widely used in many fields such as electric power, electronics, military, medical, transportation, and high-energy physics. Due to the higher critical temperature of high-temperature superconductors and the cheap and easy operation of liquid ammonia used for their cooling, they are new energy materials with practical significance. High-temperature superconducting strips and high-temperature superconducting blocks will be demonstrated. Superconducting magnetic levitation, which makes use of the complete antimagnetism of superconducting materials. Compared with ordinary magnetic levitation, the use of superconducting materials to achieve magnetic levitation has the following advantages: large gap in levitation, high speed, stability, simultaneous levitation, guidance and propulsion, etc. A demonstration system of superconducting magnetic levitation will be shown.  

Intelligent Lower Extremity Rehabilitation Robot

Enterprise introduction Intelligent lower limb rehabilitation robot R & D team, R & D strength, has a professional R & D team consisting of university professors, thousand scholars, returnee doctors and many engineers with many years of work. We have participated in the key R&D program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Self Science Foundation, and many provincial and ministerial robotic projects. We have 21 invention patents, 18 utility model patents, 6 appearance patents and 7 computer software copyrights, and our core technologies are at the international leading level. The team focuses on limb rehabilitation robot application research, and has completed a number of hardware products such as intelligent lower limb rehabilitation robot iReGo, upper limb rehabilitation robot iReMo, cognitive rehabilitation robot iReCog, and has completed the doctor's end, cloud platform and other software platform everyone. The team is committed to the equipment and overall solution building of general rehabilitation products in the rehabilitation department, focusing on the construction of iRe+ rehabilitation overall solution of Ariadne. Exhibits Introduction Intelligent lower limb rehabilitation robot iReGo is an original, lower limb walking, sitting and standing, balancing and situational interactive training platform using a full-degree of freedom pelvic support mechanism, which has three main features of multi-function, intelligence and miniaturization. The product adopts the original full-degree of freedom pelvic support mechanism, which can meet all the degrees of freedom of movement of the pelvis while providing patients with the amount of weight reduction needed for training, so as to avoid abnormal gait after rehabilitation due to the limitation of freedom of movement; it can meet the needs of rehabilitation training of lower limb dysfunction caused by various diseases such as stroke, post-operation and muscle weakness, and can realize dynamic weight reduction support, walking training, sitting and standing training, balance training, sit-to-stand training, situational interaction and weight transfer. balance training, sit-to-stand training, situational interaction, center of gravity transfer and other rehabilitation training needs; using a variety of sensors such as LIDAR, force field sensors, angle sensors, etc., through a variety of sensor fusion control technology to achieve intelligent control of intention recognition + force field manipulation, fall protection, safety avoidance and other safety control layers, gait analysis, balance assessment and other rehabilitation assessment functions, realizing the The rehabilitation closed loop of "assessment-rehabilitation-assessment" is realized. The product has four modules: walking, sitting and standing, balance, and game, which can meet most of the rehabilitation training needs of patients with lower limb dysfunction; the intelligent creation of intention recognition + force control, doctor plan making + face recognition login, and rehabilitation cloud platform makes the operation very convenient, therapists or family members assisted on the machine without nursing, and patients can use it without learning; the compact design can meet the training needs of hospitals, communities, families, etc. The compact design can meet the training needs of hospitals, communities, families and other rehabilitation places.

Shanghai Qinkai Network Technology Co.

Exhibit Introduction QinKai Smart Property Management Cloud is a new generation of property management information system software based on Internet, IoT and AI. The product is designed for the management of various industrial parks, office buildings, factories, residential communities, etc. It is applicable to both the operators and executors of property management, as well as to single projects and group management platforms. Through the digitalization, process and intellectualization of the daily operation and maintenance, operation and internal control management of properties, this product can achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency, energy saving and carbon reduction and continuous optimization in property management. Ltd. is an information technology service provider dedicated to the upgrading of urban digital industry. The company's technical team comes from Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Accenture and other well-known companies, in line with the service concept of "improving customer value through information technology services", the company has accumulated rich experience in smart property management, smart parks, smart stadiums and other smart industries. After years of research and development, QinKai's intelligent property management software has been officially released and has been applied in various parks, buildings, enterprises and institutions one after another and has been highly recognized by customers. We hope that through our unremitting efforts, we can contribute to the construction of new infrastructure in China.  

Armature Digital Chain (Zhejiang)

Exhibits Introduction Focus on promoting the construction of the provincial big data platform for the integration of industry, investment and finance, to achieve the connection of government public data sources and social data sources. Integrate and innovate the technical capabilities of blockchain and big data in the financial field to solve the core problems of data confirmation. First, the availability of data confirmation is solved through the comprehensive design of big data platform; second, the integrity of data is protected by digital watermarking technology; third, data confidentiality is guaranteed by homomorphic authenticator to ensure the privacy of all parties of data; fourth, based on the tamper-proofness and multi-party consensus of the Tianshu chain and BLS ring signature to complete the data transaction record on the chain and data security audit. Formation of credible security computing capability and data analysis and decision-making capability, use of big data joint modeling platform to explore data value and promote data circulation. Based on the platform design idea, the common functions are componentized and shared and opened out, for example, Tianshu Chain is a common component extracted based on mature blockchain application cases, which is not only fully functional, excellent in performance and convenient in application, but also achieves chain aggregation into a network in terms of compatibility and expandability, and supports credible interoperability with current mainstream blockchain systems. It provides the development framework of "ZheTianGong" to build big data application quickly, including big data interface set, blockchain interface set, development framework and low code platform.

Zhejiang Digital Qin Technology Co.

The exhibit introduces "Digital Qin Technology uses the hybrid cloud + hybrid chain technology system - blockchain middle platform "Tritium Platform" as the underlying infrastructure of blockchain, and has released " The "Security Network"", ""Digital Finance Platform"", "Digital Farming Platform" and medical blockchain applications. Entity: Simplechain arithmetic server, the underlying arithmetic node server of "Tritium Platform"; video, exhibition stand: its preservation network provides one-stop data rights solutions, and is the exclusive technical support provider of the first blockchain electronic depository case in China; Zhejiang Province's financial comprehensive service platform relying on the technology of the Digital Rong Platform, providing To help upgrade the agricultural industry and revitalize the countryside, the team has created a "sky-land integrated" smart agriculture system. To help upgrade the agricultural industry and rural revitalization, the team has created a "sky-ground integrated" smart agriculture system; together with Zhejiang University School of Medicine affiliated with Run Run Shaw Hospital, the first electronic medical records and research data blockchain application in China. "

Oasis Network

Exhibit Description "The Oasis network, which officially launched on November 19, 2020, is the world's first decentralized blockchain network with privacy-preserving features and scalability. The Oasis team includes Professor Dawn Song from the University of Berkeley and several world-leading security experts, and has received $45 million in investment including Binance Labs, a16z and other investors. In terms of technical innovation, Oasis Network's unique layered network architecture divides smart contracts into a consensus layer and a paratime layer, ensuring absolute security of users' private information while achieving higher performance and greater customizability, further unlocking new use cases and applications for the blockchain. At the same time, Oasis Network also innovates the concept of "data tokenization", which enables users not only to fully control their private data, but also to gain revenue by sharing private data, further realizing privacy protection and promoting the construction of a responsible data economy. With high performance + security + privacy protection, Oasis will redefine DeFi and completely change the way open finance is played."