Global Exhibition

Chongqing Pavilion

Project 1: Fully human antibody mice (from Chongqing Academy of Animal Husbandry) Fully human antibody mice are strategic resource animals for producing humanized antibody drugs, which use genetic engineering technology to replace human immunoglobulin genes with mouse immunoglobulin genes, so that the mice can directly express human antibody proteins for the treatment of major diseases such as tumors. Chongqing Academy of Animal Husbandry broke the monopoly of foreign technology and successfully bred the only fully human antibody mice with independent intellectual property rights in China, and is one of the few units in the world to master this core strategic resource, of which two human antibody mice entered the national animal model resource sharing information platform, providing a source of innovation guarantee for the development of China's antibody industry. The results have been transformed into scientific and technological achievements for the development of therapeutic humanized antibody drugs for major diseases such as tumor, organ transplantation and infectious diseases. Project 2: Quick Clotting CottonTM - multi-functional super-absorbent fiber (from Southwest University) Quick Clotting CottonTM is a biodegradable quick clotting hemostatic cotton with the function of sealing hemorrhage wounds quickly by Bio-Road Biomedical Materials R&D team of Southwest University. The product is mainly located in the field of haemostasis of haemorrhage wounds and hygiene care. Project 3: Anti-ED and pulmonary hypertension class I new drug (from Chongqing College of Arts and Sciences) obtained clinical approval from China and the United States, to achieve 30 million results of transformation, has entered the clinical phase I trials. Project 4: Large-range nano-time grid displacement measurement technology and devices (from Chongqing University of Technology) This project has achieved an original invention result of international leading level - nano-time grid for the major needs in three fields: high-grade CNC machine tools, very large scale integrated circuits and precision metrology. The original academic idea of nano time scale measurement is proposed, and the displacement measurement accuracy is improved by "measuring space with time", which adopts a new idea completely different from the existing technology development at home and abroad. It has been verified by the China Academy of Metrology, the highest legal metrology institution in China, and the technical indexes have reached the international leading level, and has been evaluated as "the first of its kind" by foreign counterparts. The research results have been transformed at a price of 100 million yuan and industrialized in cooperation with China General Technology Group, the world's top 500 central enterprises that carry the banner of high-end CNC machine tools development in China, to serve the national strategy. Project 5: Single-crystal high nickel and cobalt-free lithium-rich cathode materials for high-energy lithium-ion batteries (from Chongqing Innovation Center of Beijing Institute of Technology) This project develops key technologies for the industrialization of high-contrast capacity single-crystal high nickel and cobalt-free lithium-rich cathode materials for high-contrast lithium-ion batteries. The developed industrialization technology is characterized by simple process flow, green efficiency and low cost. The single crystal high nickel material has high specific capacity, high structural and thermal stability, excellent multiplication performance, compacted density of 3.6 g/cm3 or more, and discharge capacity of more than 215mAh/g; low pressure drop lithium-rich cobalt-free material has stable discharge voltage, low cost, high capacity, high multiplication rate, stable cycle, and discharge capacity of more than 230mAh/g. The two products meet the requirements of power batteries and 3C products for high capacity and high multiplication rate. The two products meet the demand of high capacity, high rate, high voltage and high safety for power batteries and 3C products. Project 6: Wind farm group remote intelligent operation and maintenance model development project (from China Shipbuilding Industry Group Haizhuang Wind Power Co.

British Pavilion

CENTI Group (China-Europe Networks of Technology and Innovation) is dedicated to building a cross-border ecosystem between China and Europe focusing on technology transformation, industry-financial integration, innovation and internationalization, and other core demands of Chinese and European enterprises. It focuses on technology, industry, economic and financial cooperation opportunities between China and Europe, and provides financing and strategic consulting services for European companies in China, as well as seeking international partners and cutting-edge science and technology for Chinese companies to land in China. CENTI has established close cooperation with governments, large enterprises and industry associations of major European countries, mainly the UK, Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and the Nordic countries, as well as with governments and enterprises in key cities in China. It holds more than 20 high-quality international technology innovation events every year, attracting more than 3,000 technology industry leaders, experts and professors, and elite entrepreneurial talents from all over the world. CENTI is the designated operator of Shenzhen Bay European Science and Technology Innovation Center under Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the permanent brand authorized unit of National Technology Transfer East Center UK, the authorized unit of the only special agent qualification in Guangdong, China for the construction and software sales of Dassault Systemes' innovation center in the field of smart cities, the designated service provider of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Voucher and Yangtze River Delta Double Innovation Voucher, the designated partner of Shanghai Foreign Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Vouchers and Yangtze River Delta Double Innovation Vouchers, Shanghai Foreign Investors Service Designated Cooperation Unit, China Housing Association Industrial Park Alliance Designated Service Undertaking Unit. CENTI operates a number of centers in Europe, such as the Sino-British Technology Transfer Center in Nanjing Gulou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Qingdao High-Tech Venture Capital China-Europe Innovation Platform Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, CIMC Overseas Innovation Center (UK), China Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Week London Overseas Workstation, Nanjing Economic Development Zone UK Innovation Center and Shanghai Lingang New Area UK Liaison Station.

Swiss Pavilion

I. Driverless electric race car: gotthard: named after the famous Swiss mountain, gotthard was built by the AMZ electric team in 2016 and relaunched as a driverless race car in 2018. It weighs just 181kg and has 156kW of power with a power-to-weight ratio of 0.86 kW/kg, surpassing even supercars with superb acceleration. The car's autopilot system uses three global shutter cameras and a LiDAR sensor to fully sense its surroundings; sensor data and speed estimates generated by a dual-antenna navigation system and an optical speed sensor are processed by two computers located at the front of the chassis to generate a track map and position the car, which is then used by a model predictive controller to calculate the fastest path and drive the car through traffic signposts. The Academic Motorsport Club Zurich (AMZ) was founded in 2006 by students from ETH Zurich. Since then, it has produced several prototypes and competed in various Formula Student competitions. After building three combustion-engine powered cars, AMZ started to develop electric cars in 2010. Hydrogen-powered car: PAC-Car II PAC-Car II

Shanghai-Taiwan Cooperation Platform

Shanghai-Taiwan Cooperation Platform The Mainland is currently the world's largest market for semiconductor manufacturing and consumption, and Taiwan has world-class technology resources in the semiconductor industry, so there are great prospects for Shanghai-Taiwan industrial cooperation. The National Center for Technology Transfer (NCTT) has integrated its domestic and international channel resources and set Taiwan as the primary target for cooperation, and plans to jointly initiate the establishment of the "Shanghai-Taiwan Cooperation Platform" with Taiwan semiconductor design companies, industrial communities and cross-strait service organizations. The "Shanghai-Taiwan Cooperation Platform" aims to pool the resources of industry, academia and research in Shanghai and Taiwan, and build a platform with specialized service capabilities in semiconductor industry technology evaluation, proof of concept, IP transfer and transformation, industry training, technology investment and financing, etc. Through multi-level cooperation, the two regions will promote industrial interaction and two-way technology exchange and cooperation, establish a more Through multi-level cooperation, the two regions will promote industrial interaction and two-way technology exchange and cooperation, establish a more solid relationship between supply and demand, and cooperate with each other, ultimately forming a one-plus-one effect. The "Shanghai-Taiwan Cooperation Platform" is committed to becoming a window for private exchanges in the semiconductor industry, promoting technology exchanges, talent exchanges and resource exchanges between the two regions. Ltd. is a professional integrated circuit design company, which is dedicated to the development and industrialization of PCIe-Gen4+5 composite low power memory controller chip and related IP and module products. Esaote is mainly positioned in the core component of SSD main control chip, for the target market of SSD main control domestic replacement. Esaote PCIe-Gen4+5 composite low power consumption memory controller chip specifications: 2, Shenzhen Hongmei Precision Technology Co. Hongmei Precision provides various types of probes and their module solutions for semiconductor back-channel test equipment, widely paired with TESTER and PROBER, designed to assist in the packaging and testing process after the wafer processing, whether the chip's performance indicators meet the requirements. It belongs to the testing of electrical performance. Hong measurement precision technology has independent and independent related new alloy, new materials and probe automation process patent technology, combined with Taiwan's rich supply chain resources and expert team of related industries, not dependent on the resources of U.S., Japanese and Korean suppliers, can significantly reduce the response time (L/T) and NPI process, Hong measurement precision hopes to truly localize the high-end probe and module products that used to rely mainly on imports. We hope to do our part in the field of semiconductor testing by truly localizing our high-end probes and modules, which used to be mainly imported. 3、Jasper Display

Dutch Pavilion

1.PRINS CHINA presentation for suppliers 2.Brightlands Maastricht Life Science Campus Welcome to Brightlands Maastricht Life Science Campus Maastricht Health Campus

French Pavilion

I. 3D bionic AR glasses AR glasses can provide us with hundreds of inches of 3D display screen, is the next generation of mobile display and interaction platform, with a market scale no less than that of mobile phones. However, the existing AR optical solutions have many problems such as small display screen, poor image brightness and bulky and uncomfortable, resulting in no AR glasses that can successfully face consumers yet. LightSense has made a major breakthrough in the field of AR optical hardware, and has developed AR glasses that are lightweight, beautiful and very similar to ordinary glasses, using an extreme spherically symmetrical solution, capable of achieving a field of view of over 120° and monocular 8K resolution, which is the only AR glasses solution that can meet the requirements of the consumer market. The Association of French Entrepreneurs Abroad The Association of French Entrepreneurs Abroad is currently the largest entrepreneurship-related Chinese association in France, with hundreds of professional members, including professionals, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from various industries. It is one of the professional associations of Chinese in France recognized by the Education Department of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in France. Since its establishment in 2010, the Association of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs in France has served a large number of Chinese and international students in France who are interested in entrepreneurship by organizing the annual French Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the Sino-French Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club, as well as sending a large number of outstanding entrepreneurial projects to the Chunhui Cup Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Chinese organized by the Ministry of Education. The association has also established extensive contacts with many local business parks in China, such as Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, Huzhou, etc. The French Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is an annual competition organized by the Association of French Entrepreneurs Abroad and co-sponsored by professional associations in France and alumni associations in France. The event aims to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese community in France and French friends interested in China, to promote the combination of technology, creativity and capital, and to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Through training, evaluation, award, promotion and recommendation, the competition will bring together various resources from the French Chinese world, advocate the integration and common progress of French Chinese and French society, and attract the attention of investors. The contest is of great significance in carrying the entrepreneurial dreams of French students and stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit. Under the guidance of the Education Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in France, through the joint efforts of the Association of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, professional associations in France, Chinese universities' alumni associations in France and various financing platforms and business parks in France and China, the "All-French Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" has gained the support and recognition of all sectors at home and abroad. III. EQUIUM is an energy-optimized off-grid cooling solution based on the thermo-acoustic effect, using an acoustic heat pump to solve the cooling problem of gas turbine generators and conventional generators. The system is based on the thermoacoustic effect. The modular design, in both stationary and offshore versions, is plug-and-play and seamlessly integrates with industrial processes. Five patents and prototypes and 10 pilot projects are available.

German Pavilion

I. North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - a centre of technological innovation Together with the International Business Agency of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, you can build a successful future in North Rhine-Westphalia and around the world. The International Business Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia (IBA) is the ideal partner for all companies in terms of project investment, location in the state, market development and connection to international business partners. Investing in North Rhine-Westphalia The North Rhine-Westphalia International Business Agency promotes North Rhine-Westphalia as Germany's leading investment location worldwide and attracts foreign direct investment to North Rhine-Westphalia. Today, some 20,000 foreign companies have chosen to make their home in Germany's most economically powerful state. The experts of the North Rhine-Westphalia International Business Agency help investors with legal and tax issues, provide detailed information on the economic structure and industrial clusters, and they divide up the different investment plans to find the right location for the investment, accompanying the project from the start until it is successfully settled. From trade fairs to business trips, international trade fairs are the perfect way to reach new markets and a wider professional audience. The North Rhine-Westphalia International Business Agency helps companies to best present their products and services at trade fairs - either through joint company stands, information service centres or small groups. In addition, the Agency arranges and coordinates business trips for delegations and companies within the growth markets. The Business Agency also provides companies with complementary assistance in establishing and expanding their business abroad through a wealth of further industry information meetings and cooperation events. The North Rhine-Westphalia International Business Agency works closely with the regional economic promotion agencies of the state, with the state government, but also with companies, associations, chambers of commerce and industry and craft associations, industry clusters, state bills and other economy-related federations. The Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia, on behalf of the State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia, is the sole shareholder of the International Business Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia. With the help of the North Rhine-Westphalia International Business Agency, more than 1,200 Chinese companies have established themselves in North Rhine-Westphalia and are making good progress. For example: 1. Yanfeng Automotive Trim: a world leader in the field of automotive interiors. 2015 saw the establishment of the European headquarters in Neuss. 2018 saw the opening of a new innovation centre. 2.Dahua: a global leader in security. established a German subsidiary in Düsseldorf in 2016. Thanks to the distribution network

European Enterprise Service Network East China Centre (EENEC)

1. Introduction to the European Enterprise Services Network (EEN) The European Enterprise Services Network (EEN) is the world's largest network supporting SMEs, created in 2008 by the merger of the European Innovation Centre and the European Information Centre, helping companies to innovate and grow internationally. Active in more than 60 countries worldwide, the network brings together 3,000 experts from over 600 member organisations, all known for their excellent business support. Member organisations include: technology centres, innovation support organisations, universities and research institutes, regional development organisations, chambers of commerce and industry, etc. EEN Global Distribution 3. EEN Global Contact Points 4. EEN Asia Members 5. EEN China Distribution 6. EEN East China Center 7. EEN East China Center Service Cases Case 1: Case 2.

Belgium Pavilion

I. Shenzhen Bay Innovation Center Shenzhen Bay Innovation Center aims to build an efficient platform for industrial innovation and technology transfer between China and Europe, introduce European quality projects to Shenzhen Bay, help Chinese enterprises go out, dock with European resources and help them to have a soft landing in Europe. At the same time, the center also provides European technology companies with the opportunity to understand China and enter the Chinese market. Through the two-way service, Shenzhen Bay achieves the strategic goal of "going out and coming in". The Center is located at 56 Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue, in the Embassy District of Brussels. It is adjacent to two famous Belgian universities - the Université Libre de Bruxelles in French and the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Dutch. The Centre is a five-storey building with approximately 7,000 square feet of floor space. The centre has 70 workstations and meeting rooms, 2 event spaces, multifunctional spaces and a front and back garden. Through cooperation with European incubator and accelerator programs, the center collects high-quality European technology startups and establishes a network with local universities, incubators and research institutions; it also provides financial, legal and other business services to guide and assist startups in their development, and prepares them in advance to settle in China. In addition, the center promotes communication and cooperation between technology, enterprises and talents of the two countries through meetings and exchanges, and mutual visits of talents. According to the operation mode of "incubation + investment + acceleration", through the integration of project incubation and venture capital, the center focuses on investing in original innovation research and development and technology achievement transformation projects, and builds up a service system covering the whole industrial chain of innovative enterprise exchange and new industry incubation.

Israel Pavilion

1. China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Platform China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park. Shanghai China-Israel Innovation Achievement Incubation Accelerator is based on China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park, which was established in 2019, focusing on three major industries: artificial intelligence, life and health, and Internet and information technology, and providing Israeli enterprises and entrepreneurial teams with joint innovation R&D, two-way technology transfer, and startup business incubation and other innovation services for entering the Chinese market. With platform cooperation as the basis, cultural exchange as the link, intellectual property protection as the feature and capital operation as the bridge, the park is striving to build a new pattern of open innovation. China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai). The Shanghai China-Israel Innovation Achievement Incubator Accelerator